Sleeping Problems and Solutions of Your Baby

January 3, 2018

All of us know that if there is a newborn in the house, it gives rise to a lot of changes. Change in the personality of the parents, change in the things around the house, change in your group of friends, etc. Being a new parent tends to teach you a lot of things as well, like handling pressure situations, handling constant crying of the baby, learning to compromise your own sleep for your baby, etc. There are various problems that parents face when a child is born especially when you are a new parent, and one of the biggest problems they face is that of the baby not getting sufficient sleep because of various reasons.

Some of the baby sleep problem and solutions are as follows –

1. Habit of sleeping with parents


When a child is born, then the child often sleeps with the parents. It is very difficult to make the child start sleeping alone in their room.


The best way to start making the child sleep alone is that for a few days sit next to the child, while the child is sleeping in their bed until he falls asleep. If the child wakes up, he will cry and call you, go to him and make him sleep there only. Do not take him back to your room.

2. Habit of short naps


If your child has short naps and does not get proper sleep, it can make the child irritated. You should try to understand the reason for it. It might be that the child is not getting appropriate sleeping conditions at night, maybe the temperature of the room your child sleeps is not well maintained, or there might be many more reasons.


To avoid such things, make sure that the child naps properly, buy thick curtains and avoid the sunlight as much as you can during the daytime as well. A good sleep is very important for the health of your child.

3. The child needs a rocker.


Your child has always slept in either mom or dad’s arm while they rock it. So your child has gotten used to it.


To avoid this problem, get a rocker cot for your child in their room and rock the cot right before they sleep. However, this activity should be gradually stopped as this habit should gradually go away for any child.

4. Stroller sleeper


If your baby sleeps while in a stroller, you are surely happy for a short time when you are enjoying your home. However, since your child has slept enough outside, it causes the child to sleep less during the nights.


This should be fixed by making the child shift from napping in the stroller to napping in her bed, slowly and gradually. You will see that the child relaxes more and has better energy at the time in which she is awake.

It is very important to have a good sleep training for your child and not making the common mistakes like making your child feed while they go off to sleep at night. If the sleep cycle of the child is healthy, the body of the child is also healthy.

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