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Things To Consider In Buying The Best Pediatric Stethoscope

July 12, 2017

You should know that a regular stethoscope is not fit for diagnosing a small child. So, if you are into pediatrics, your choice of the device should be different to what standard products are bought for. The reasons behind this are obvious –the chest of a child is smaller than adults. Naturally, you will need a stethoscope whose bell and diagram both are fit for children.

Similarly, a regular stethoscope won’t serve the purpose well because the child’s body is small and the standard device will fail to focus on just one set of sounds. At the same time, doing the auscultation is never easy with the child as they tend to be fidgety and using cold stethoscope with them might put them off further.

Here are some of major things to consider in buying the best stethoscope –

  • Make sure you get a littmann pediatric stethoscope so that you can leverage the non-chill technology and diagnose the patients accurately
  • The focus should be on having a device that does not scare away the child, so go for either a colorful device or one that best resembles a toy
  • The stethoscope should be child-friendly, fit the body perfectly, carry good aesthetics and above all is loaded with all the standard acoustic properties
  • Get a device that has a good diaphragm, is fitted with a tube technology to avoid false sounds and ensures a right fit for the ear piece
  • Choose only from those pediatrics stethoscopes that use the same high-quality membrane often used in standard products for adults
  • Get a device that has a dual-sided chest piece so that superior auscultation properties are achieved in comparison to those having single-sided chest pieces
  • A quality product is one that uses a floating diaphragm which also helps in accuracy and longevity
  • The headset of the stethoscope should exactly be the same as used in the products for adults
  • A perfect pediatrics stethoscope should be one that is latex free and comes with a chill-free rim so that doctors can handle the peskiest of children with ease
  • You can also select a device that has a single sided chest piece but in such case, you will need to change the pressure to hear the different types of sounds with clarity
  • Some products deliver that kind of accuracy that they can be use very much for adults as well, though the look might stop you from doing the same
  • A good product for the child is one whose chest piece is not only smaller but also less intimidating in looks
  • Keep in mind that the smaller the size of the stethoscope the better the child will feel
  • A good stethoscope for the child is one whose chest piece is made with a chill-free material to not scare away the patient
  • Dealing with a smaller patient tends to be noisy in most cases so the focus should be on having the acoustic with clarity in mind
  • And lastly, buy a stethoscope whose tube looks colorful and inviting to keep the child interested

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