What Is Hatha Yoga?

August 23, 2016
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Hatha Yoga is a series of physical exercises which aim to align the body’s bones, muscles, and skin. The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to open the body’s channels to allow energy to flow more freely within. Respected publications such as the Yoga Journal state that Hatha Yoga is effective for self-transformation. When learning Hatha Yoga, the student learns how to control his or her breathing and gradually over time learns to better control their thoughts. One of the first actions when learning Hatha Yoga is the ability to hold one’sbreath for a longer duration than students are accustomed to. 
Very often Hatha Yoga in the west is conceived as a series of physical yoga postures. Power Yoga is an example of Hatha Yoga. The term Hatha can be understood to mean “forceful” or “physical” or the yoga of activity. Also, the world Hatha is derived from the Sun “Ha” and Moon “tha”. Hatha Yoga is often used to calm the mind, body, and spirit in preparation for meditation. All of yoga is said to consist of eight limbs which together make up all of yoga. The eight limbs can be understood as restraints, observances, postures, breathing, sense deprivation, concentration, meditation, and absorption. Much of the yoga practiced today in the west consists of only the third limb. Today most of those who learn or practice yoga practice the third limb which consists of postures. Physical postures are used to purify and strengthen the body and mind to allow long periods of meditations.
Those who wish to teach yoga to others should first consider certain whether they have certain befitting qualities which are required to become an excellent yoga teacher. One of the best institutes which provide Hatha Yoga teacher training is called Arhantayoga, to learn more interested students should visit Things to consider before deciding to become a yoga teacher are as follow.
Do you practice yoga even when you are not on a mat?
Yoga is not merely an exercise; it is a discipline and much more. Just as a professional athlete is required to maintain a certain discipline throughout their entire career, someone who teaches yoga is also required to allow permeate yoga other aspects of their lives.
Allow New Experiences and Admit Your Mistakes?
Teaching yoga requires those who teach to become themselves become lifelong students of Yoga. This requires a teacher to be open to new experiences and make yoga a part of their daily routine. In addition to practicing yoga everyday those who wish to teach should allow themselves to learn through new yogic experiences and to admit skills, they lack which may hold them back from becoming great yoga teachers.
Are Pleased With Your Current Skills?
Being an excellent teacher does not mean you have to know every aspect of Yoga. As a matter of fact being highly skilled in a wide range of Yogic postures may stand in the way of teaching yoga to others. If your experience with yoga has been hugely positive and you wish to others to be helped by yoga as you have been it is an indicator that you would be an excellent yoga teacher.

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