5 Efficient Ideas for a much Brighter, Breezier and Enjoyable Small Bathrooms

5 Efficient Ideas for a much Brighter, Breezier and Enjoyable Small Bathrooms

September 18, 2017

Let’s face it, spaces are shrinking with land and property getting ever expensive. It is only inevitable that bathroom spaces are one of the most suffering ones. Builders and house owners alike tend to shorten bathroom spaces in order to use it for other rooms of the houses. However, it may not be a legitimate deal breaker when bathroom spaces are limited but still usable when choosing a house to live in for numerous people.

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of dollars are not required to be spent when looking to maximize the relatively small spaces in bathrooms efficiently. There are effective ideas available that not only make the smaller bathroom spaces look good but also make them look more spacious than they actually are by creating illusions based on their design aspects. If you, like us, are looking for some efficient ideas for a much brighter, breezier and enjoyable all small bathroomsdecorations, here are few for your consideration:

1: Stick With a Dark Paint Theme

Lighter colors without a doubt create a much brighter bathroom space or any other room for that matter, but they fail to provide a depth in feel that darker colors like black or even dark grey can. The depth darker colored tiles and paintwork in smaller bathrooms spaces are able to create presents an illusion of a much wider space than it actually is.

However, you will have to light up the dark colored bathroom much brighter than a light colored one. The best idea is to get a fully illuminated ceiling that spreads light equally in all the bathroom space making the darker tiles and walls produce the depth of feel they are supposed to produce. In practical terms when looking for some efficient ideas for much brighter, breezier and enjoyable small bathrooms, this one presents itself as a much appreciated one indeed.

2: Mirrored Wall

In small bathroom spaces, it’s all about making them look wider and bigger than they actually are. A fully mirrored wall goes a long way into achieving that. Mirrors are able to reflect light into all directions and also reflect the back and side walls creating an effective illusion of a much bigger space than what is actually available in the smaller bathrooms. On the same wall, cabinets can be created behind the mirrors with mirrored doors on them as well to increase practical usability as well.

These big sized wall mirrors are both easy to find and are relatively cheap when compared with other forms of decorations in bathrooms. They can be found at lower prices than some of the bathroom tiles as well. Once implemented, these have the ability to create an illusion of a much bigger bathroom space than it actually is.

3: Wall Covering in a Large Size

Another great idea to maximize bathroom space in an efficient way is to use large sized wall covering on the side walls. The large size of the coverings will be able to make the space look bigger and more spacious than it is. These coverings can be anything from a mirror to a painting. When these covering are in large size and leave very less wall space on their sides, anyone looking at them or the wall will naturally get the image of a much wider space because of the size of the covering that is hung or attached on them.

Numerous art paintings or beautiful design mirrors are available in the market in the largest of sizes. Art paintings might be a little more expensive than other forms of wall coverings, but once their price and cost are taken care of, the design appeal and the wider looking walls effect they are able to create will make the bathrooms appear beautiful and bigger at the same time as well.

4: Glass Shower Doors

Hanging curtains in bathrooms can work well enough but they are bulky and make the whole space look congested no matter how clear or transparent ones you choose. However, when glass shower doors or glass shower enclosures are installed in the shower areas, the clear glass used in them doesn’t block any of the tile view and instead of cutting the viewable area to the edges of the curtains, provide full view of the bathroom to the end of the walls making them look much bigger in the process as well.

Great quality shower enclosures made from highest quality glass are available from top manufacturers like Fab Glass and Mirror at reasonable prices as well. Take a look at their collection and pick up the ones that you think will suit your design theme perfectly. These shower doors or enclosures being made from glass have no chance of water damage as well and can be cleaned pretty easily as well, providing boosted functionality at the same time as well.

5: Backlighting for the Mirror

The mirror over the sink or basin in the bathroom plays a vital role in the design layout of the whole bathroom space. One of the better ideas is to illuminate a dim light on the mirror’s backside. Not only does this will make the mirror and basin area look much more elegant with light sprucing out from the edges of the mirror but will also make it look much bigger while making the person standing in front of the mirror look brighter as well.

The best type of light to be used for this purpose is the striped LED light. It is a very economical and sustainable option and also provides waterproof options as well. When dim light is coming out of the edges of the mirror and falling on the side walls as well, the illusion of a much wider and taller wall will be created for anyone looking at the mirror or that particular wall. This type of striped or piped LED light is also available cheaply in the market, providing a cheap but beautiful bathroom decoration alternative.

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