5 Ways to Secure Your Home with Just a Small Investment

July 4, 2017

Are you planning to be gone on vacation, leaving your home empty? Or, perhaps, you just want to ensure that your home isn’t attractive to thieves. Whatever the reason, even a few affordable changes could make your home a less desirable target to even the most persistent of criminals.

Illuminate the Dark Areas Around Your House with Outdoor Lighting

Sometimes there are parts of your house that the street or porch lights don’t reach. This can provide a convenient hiding place for thieves trying to gain entry to your home. Even the most vigilant neighborhood watch program can’t protect against dark corners.

External floodlights can be used to eliminate this hazard. They can be purchased with daylight sensors, so they automatically turn on when it gets dark. However, if you or a neighbor find all night illumination annoying, motion detectors could be used instead. Add a camera and you’ve got a combination that will scare away even the most determined thief.

A Lockbox Can Keep Your Spare Key Out of the Hands of Thieves

Many people keep a hidden key outside their homes for those occasions when they need to have someone come in to water the plants or feed the pets. Although most believe their hiding place to be clever, thieves can be quite skilled at discovering most hiding spots.

With just a small investment, you can install a small combination lockbox, within which a key can be securely stored. They come with either a rotary dial or keypad entry systems. The combination can be set by the homeowner and changed as needed.

Ensure That Your Garage Door is Secure

The most important way to keep thieves from striking is to make sure all entrances are secure. One that can sometimes be overlooked is the garage door. If your house needs garage door repair, this could act as an open invitation to criminals to invade your home.

If the door doesn’t close properly, it might be easily pried open. There can be many causes for this problem. If it’s an automatic door, the sensor may be obstructed. There could also be some sort of damage or obstruction to the wheel tracks. There may also be damage to the spring mechanism. It’s best to address garage door repair issues when they occur to keep your home secure.

Indoor Lighting Timers Can Keep Thieves Guessing

Most thieves are going to break into your home when they think you are gone or sleeping. Fortunately, one defense against night burglars is that many people have multiple cars and work non-traditional hours. This makes it more difficult to determine when your house is empty.

A few well-placed timers, set in unoccupied rooms to randomly turn on and off while you’re sleeping can keep the criminals guessing. If they are unable to determine with certainty that your house is empty, thieves are more likely to pass your home by.

Creative Landscaping Can Deter Criminals

Landscaping can improve both the value and appearance of your home. However, placing large plants or bushes close to your home can provide just the sort of cover thieves look for. It can offer a hiding place that is not visible from the street.

Shrubbery close to the house should be trimmed down below three feet tall, or contain thorns to discourage burglars from trying to get close to any windows. Using gravel in those flower beds, which would create noise if someone walked through it, could also be used as a deterrent.

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