All About Technistone Quartz Worktops

September 16, 2016
What is Technistone?

Technistone is an engineered quarts material that retains all the benefits and qualities of quartz and has added benefits like tougher resistance and better performance, thanks to the resin and polymers in it. Technistone is 90% natural with 10%v polymers that add to its benefits an make it the perfect choice for worktops. Here is all you need to know about the benefits of using Technistone quartz worktops-

  1. Abundantly available quartz – Quartz is an abundantly available material. This easily availability makes it easier to make the engineered Technistone. Thus, Technistone quart worktops are easily and abundantly available for your renovation!
  2. Durable and hard – Technistone has the strength of quartz and the added flexibility of resins and polymers. This adds to its performance and makes it more durable and hard. This makes Technistone quartz worktops ideal for heavy working areas.
  3. Versatile finishes– Technistone is available in a variety of finishes ranging from glossy to semi gloss to blasted. This gives you the options to choose the perfect pick for your kitchen or bathroom or any other are that you are looking o renovate.
  4. Non porous – Technistone is non porous that makes it ideal for places like swimming pools, bathrooms etc. The non porous quality makes it resistant to bacteria and stains.
  5. Crack resistant – Technistone is a very hard and durable material. This strength makes it immune to crack and chips. Thus increasing the life of the worktop and all the other applications.
  6. Does not stain – Technistone quartz worktops are non porous and do not requires sealing as well. This hard surface makes it resistant to stains and nothing seeps into the surface and can be easily wiped off with some water and a cloth.
  7. Does not requires resealing– It does not require sealing or resealing.
  8. Colour options – This engineered quarts product is available in a variety of colours and patterns making it the perfect pick for everyone and anyone looking to renovate or style their homes or work places.
  9. Easy to maintain and clean – Technistone is easier to maintain as compared to other worktops due to its non porous and chip resistance features. It does not stain easy, is resistant to bacteria and cigarette bums as well!
  10. Easy transportation As compared to other heavy and fragile worktops, Technistone quartz worktops are easy to transport and do not chip or crack during the process.
  11. Competitive price – There are a numerous options available for worktops in the market but Technistone is competitively priced and is easier on the pocket as compared to options like marble etc. It looks chic and is cost effective.
  12. Ideal for food processing– As far as hygiene is concerned there is no better choice than Technistone as it is resistant to bacterial growth. This stain resistance and bacterial growth resistance makes it a perfect choice for kitchen as it does not react with the food and does not stain easy as well.
  13. Acid resistance – Technistone quartz worktops are stain resistant there making it an ideal choice for workplace, pools etc.
  14. Atmosphere resistance – Technistone is immune to harsh weather and other minor atmosphere conditions and therefore has a variety of applications.
  15. Wide range of applications – All the amazing properties that Technistone quartz worktops differ make it a perfect pick anything and everything. It has a wide range of applications like flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, swimming pools, fireplace, window sills, offices, banks, hospitals etc!


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