Creating a Colorful Garden for Your Home

August 16, 2017

Color is all around us. People immediately respond to the color they see. Vivid reds, soft blues, creamy white and all shades from sunshiny yellow to deep fields of violet flowers immediately call to mind feelings and emotions. This is true both indoors and outside. If you are a homeowner, you’ll want to create a garden that comes alive with color everywhere you look. You’ll want flowers in all colors all year long. In order to get the kind of effects you want, you’ll need to plan well. All areas of your property should have landscaping that is pleasing and elegant. You want the colors to harmonize and create an inviting look from every single angle. Each color should contribute something special and help the entire space feel like your own.

Start Small

One of the most important considerations when creating a garden is your ground cover. Ideally, you want a mixture of textures and colors. Willow Gates Landscaping can help you decide on the kind of specifics such as low hanging plants and the grass you want to use. Many grasses come in different shades of green. You might want grasses in a darker green to help set off your stone walkway. Grasses in lighter shades of green are good in places where you prefer a sunnier space. Starting small is useful as it allows you to see how the overall picture of the garden can begin to take shape.

Larger Plantings

In addition to the smaller plantings, you’ll want to have larger kinds of plantings. Larger plantings can help serve as the punctuation for the yard and serve as focal points. For example, a large hydrangea bush can draw attention to in the garden and invite people to sit next to it. A large swath of taller grasses can also help provide any homeowner with privacy and wall off parts of the garden. Large plantings can also add a lot of color in one place. You might want to place a few large plantings in each corner of your garden so you can maximize the effects and provide a sense of delightfully vivid color everywhere the eye falls.

All Season Long

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind as you put color in your garden are the seasons. You want to have plants that will add color each month. To that end, you can think about a mixture of annuals and perennials. Annuals help you create a background each month that you can use as your basic canvas. Then you can add in perennials to create even more color in the garden. Ideally, each season should have colors that tie into the season. So for spring, you want pastels while in the fall you would look to dark shades of yellow, orange and red for a garden that pleases you. Careful planning from the right gardener can help you get the results in the garden that you really want there.

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