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Different types of boiler Repair Services in West London

March 8, 2018

The harsh weather conditions of London demands a reliable heating system for residential and commercial properties. Central heating systems are common in every house and office to keep the temperature moderate. If you are not well-versed with boiler types, choosing the right boiler and finding technicians for its installation and repairing can be a difficult task for you. As the market is full of several types of boiler, so the industry has the technicians. The important thing is as not all the boiler as same similarly not all the boiler technicians are equal. Therefore, it is better you learn some information about the boiler types and boiler repair in West London.

Boiler Types in West London

• Regular Boiler – Such boiler types are known as conventional boilers. This boiler system typically comprises a boiler, cylinder, tank and expansion containers. The drawback of such system is that they consume more space in your house as compared to other types. One may choose regular gas boiler depending on the gas connection available in the area. However, if your area has no gas connection or less gas supply, you can choose regular electric boilers for your homes. They are clean and eco-friendly for the environment.
• Combination Boilers – They are also known as combo boilers and save space as they do not have tanks or cylinders in the loft. They are best for the house where you want to save safely for other purposes. They are also one of the best choices as they heat up the water instantly and reduces the energy bill cost. Unlike the regular boilers, there is no heat loss in combination boiler. There is no reason for not choosing an energy efficient heating system for your house.
• Condensing Boilers – to be very specific, it is not a boiler type but an attribute for a boiler of either conventional or combination type. They are termed as energy efficient as they are preserving the heat that escapes easily in a non-condensing boiler type. This results in spending less money on fuel used for heating and proves to be a great choice for the home heating system.
• System Boilers – Such boiler types are known as sealed system boilers as it has a sealed unit and uses water storage of for storing hot water. One of the amazing benefits of such system boiler is that it delivers hot water without changing the pressure at several outlets. However, there repairing and installation can be expensive.

Other than the above-mentioned gas and electric boilers, there are other types too such as biomass and oil boiler. They are suitable for the place where there is no facility of electricity and natural gas. For biomass boilers, you have to use wood logs or pellets for generating heat and these boilers are less expensive.

Before choosing the boiler for your home, it is better to consider your needs and availability of fuel. Ask for the price quote and compare it with other companies for the same model. When it comes to their repairing and installation, do not believe that all boiler installation in West London is same. As the boilers are different so their technicians are. To find a reliable technician, ask few questions before hiring.

  1.  Are the boiler installation and repair company is licensed?
  2.  Do they have qualified plumbers to do the job?
  3.  Are they efficient to finish the installation/repairing work on time?
  4.  Ask for the price quote?
  5.  Ask for the reference to the client they have recently worked with.
  6.  Check their reputation and experience in the industry.
  7.  Ask certain questions about your boiler type to check their knowledge about the boiler.
  8.  Do they offer emergency boiler repair in West London?

Hiring right technicians can be helpful as they guide you with the boiler type, keeping in view the facilities available in your area and your lifestyle. With these tips, make an informed decision for your boiler installation and repair.

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