Polished Plaster Walls

Give Your Home a Lift with Polished Plaster Walls

August 9, 2017

Are you tired of seeing the old walls in your home? If yes, you must be thinking of redesigning your home. You should opt for a new interior design that will look elegant and stylish. You can hire a company that providespolished plaster walls.

Plaster walls look gorgeous and are durable. Plaster is made up from marble dust and lime, these are 100% natural elements. Polished walls are suitable for any settings like homes, offices, healthcare centers, institutes or any other settings that are committed to wellness and cleanliness.

We all want to stay healthy. Don’t we? Polished plaster walls are the best option as it is the natural plaster with multiple environmental benefits:

  • Regulates humidity
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide
  • Cleans easily
  • Contains no gas or toxins

Plaster walls were commonly seen in Venice, Italy during the late 16th century. These become more frequently requested wall finishes in the market. As it dries, it becomes a thin layer of stone that will last forever, will make your environment feel fresh.

Listed below are the reasons this material is so popular:


The material of polished plaster is composed of minerals that provide excellent breath ability. It prevents moisture that accumulates inside the walls and prevents the wall from getting damp, molds, bacteria, aging and mildews. That is why these plasters are considered best for bathrooms, kitchens and pool/spa areas.


The plaster dries to a rock like hardness that makes it extraordinarily durable. This kind of material can last for many years. It resists shrinking and has the ability to withstand impact. It lasts longer than other wall paint finishes, that’s why it is considered the most particular option for homes.


Plaster walls are interchangeable and timeless. Plasters provide an ultra smooth surface which can easily lead to a modification. With a little period of time, you can transform a teen’s bedroom into a nursery or you can give a quick lift to your kitchen. You can easily maintain a fresh appearance in your home or office.


It is one of the most versatile wall treatment accessible. It can be applied to pre existing or new interior ceiling or wall includes:

  • Drywall
  • Tile
  • Exterior wood
  • Wood
  • Cement board
  • Brick wall surface
  • Columns and archways

Easy to maintain:

Plaster wall is known to be the easiest wall finishes to maintain. It is made up of pre-mixed pigments that last many years without fading. It dries quickly, which makes them easy to maintain.

Environmentally friendly:

Plaster wall is an easy way to go green. The ingredients are non-toxic and natural. Plaster can provide indoor air quality when applied in a two or three coats. Lime is naturally high in pH, so it acts as an antibacterial surface which inhibits the growth of fungus and mold. It adds layers of insulation to a house which help air conditioner and furnace works efficiently.

To avail the benefits of polished Plaster walls in your home it is vital to consider a good company. You can hire a firm that offers the service of plaster walls. Here are some important points to consider while opting for a firm:

Insured companies:

There are many companies that offer plastering services. Look for a company that is licensed and insured.

Company with a long history:

Prefer a company that has a long history in the locality.

Online Reviews:

Online reviews of the customers they have worked with can play a vital role in helping you decide which company can give you satisfactory results.

Word of mouth:

The effective way to know about companies that offer plaster wall service is to use your personal and professional contacts.

Hire the best company to give a boost to your home or office.

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