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How To Reduce Frequent Toilet Plumbing Problems

January 29, 2018

It is no surprise that many people pay no attention to toilet drainage system while constructing a house. They compromise the quality of for various reasons while constructing toilet plumbing system.  Perhaps, they think that this is the least used place compared to other rooms of the house such as drawing room, kitchen, and bedroom.  They might be under a misconception, though it is a fact that the toilet is the place you spend the last time.  But, badly planned or badly executed toilets could be a nightmare for you throughout the life.  It is not only about determining the plan, design and executing it well but also the place where it has been installed matters the most.  Also, you cannot deal with a clogged toilet, not even for a day.  Therefore, while constructing a house, you should give the equal priority to the toilets as well.

Appropriate Design

When it comes to installing a toilet and a plumbing system, you need to make a plan to execute it right.  The water supply pipes, the shutoff valve, the waste line leading to the sewer, the vertical waste stack connected to the sewer are all equally important.  The other such parts include commode, flush water tank and handles for easy-operation are required.  However, repairing of the toilet can be avoided for a long run in case you ensure that other parts in the background are also equally assigned while installing the plumbing system.  Some tips for designing the toilet:

  • It would be ideal if the toilet is placed within 10 feet of the stack.
  • There should be proper ventilation for the waste line connecting to the sewer.
  • Tie the vent pipe running through the roof
  • Ensure that the vent pipes are placed horizontally if not, piping will slope upward away from the toilet.
  • Plumbing pipes should be easily accessible for repair or replacement.

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Things to Avoid in a Toilet

While cleaning the toilets, it is a common experience to notice many avoidable items that cause clogging in the toilet.  The excessive toilet papers were thrown, or certain non-flushable items would block the drain.  You need to educate everyone using the toilets to be cautious and not to throw paper or trash in the toilet.  The best way is to keep the waste material in the bin so that there are no accidental falls of the items in the toilets.  You should not hesitate in setting some rules for the family members if they are not complying with the advice.

General Tips

  • There are many moving parts in the toilet too.  You should handle them with proper care and ensure immediate replacement if you notice the part is damaged or broken.
  • A small leak noticed should be plugged immediately; otherwise, the water leak might damage the pipeline with corrosion leading to breakage.  Do you recollect the saying that a stitch in time saves nine means effort made on time will prevent more work later?
  • If the flush does not work well, you can try a “gravity flush” and sometimes, the gravity at which the water is flushed, the clogged item may give a clear way.
  • Sometimes, lime or the other material found in the hard water may clog the rinse holes.  This would cause low pressure in the water supply.  It is very easy to clean the rinse holes and remove unwanted deposits with DIY techniques.
  • Improper sealing of the toilet seat joints to the floor may sometimes result in leakage. Ensure that appropriate caulking is done by a professional plumber.

These simple tips would minimize the toilet plumbing problems.

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