How to remove stains off wooden surface in five easy steps?

July 3, 2017

It’s sure to happen in almost every other home; wooden table top and surfaces collect different stains over time. If you don’t treat them for longer, stains would settle permanently ruining the wooden surface and even tarnish it. So, instead of slipping a cover or spending heavily with refinishing, learn a few reasonable ways to remove stains off the wood.

  1. The iron treatment

Lay a clean towel, t-shirt or any other piece of cloth over it. Raise the iron temperature to medium and rub it slowly over the fabric for a short while. Lift the cloth and see if the stain has vanished but if it’s still there, repeat the process. Here’s how to do it the right way;

  • Make sure the surface, especially the stain is dry and if it isn’t, wipe all the moisture and water using a clean rag.
  • Run the iron quickly; don’t let it sit or the wood would collect a burnt mark which is far tough to clean.
  • Steam and liquid causes white rings. If the stain is translucent or white in colour, it’s much easier to clean than dark spots.
  1. Lemon oil & steel wool

Buy a good quality steel wool pad and soak it in lemon oil. Rub it gently on the stain as rigorous treatment would scratch the wood finish. Now, dab the mark with denatured alcohol and it’ll definitely disappear. Lemon oil here acts as a lubricant that prevents wood from scrape still; you shouldn’t scrub hard but be gentle!

  1. Toothpaste for a change

There’re some other great uses of toothpaste such removing stains off the wood. Squirt some on your finger or a piece of cloth and rub till you feel the heat. Now, take a damp cloth, wipe the paste and rinse with hot water. Some other things to consider here are;

  • Toothpaste has to be white and non-gel
  • Pea size toothpaste would work just well so you don’t need to empty the bar
  • Scrub just in and on the stain, not around as it might wear the wooden finish and top layer
  • Repeat the process if stain persists
  1. Dry with a hair dryer

If you happen to have a hair dryer, it’ll remove stains off the wood as if they weren’t even there! Just turn it on high and hold close to the mark. The stain would start fading as dryer desiccates the moisture. Move the dryer to and fro for 30 minutes approximately. Once removed, rub a little olive oil on the wood to prevent dry crack.

  1. Oil-based products

Like the old saying goes; “fight fire with fire”, treat stain on the wood with oil-based products such as oil, mayonnaise, petroleum jelly or butter. This oil seeps into the wood and break up the moisture causing certain stains. Apply any of the products and leave it overnight. Mixture of mayonnaise or petroleum jelly with cigarette ash would increase its stain removing power so this is something you should do!


Follow the above steps and you’ll find removing stains off wooden surface much easier than ever!

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