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How to Select the Right Patio Umbrella

February 22, 2018

Are you in search of the right measure of weather resistance, sturdiness and shade? In face of mid-summer heat wave, even the sunshine lovers will long for some shade. Instead of being restricted to indoors, install an umbrella in the patio, deck or garden.

A good quality and well placed umbrella can help in setting up a comfortable space, outdoors.

Here are some tips for installing a heavy duty outdoor umbrella in your outer space:

Size of Umbrella

How much shade will be provided to your space, will be determined by size of umbrella. Consider how much room you have and how much shade you desire. It will not look good if you overcrowd your patio with an excessively large umbrella.

As per experts, ideally umbrellas must be table width and if possible, an extra 2 feet per side. For instance, if you have a table that is 4ft round, look out for an umbrella which measures ad diameter of 8ft

Height of umbrella is also relevant- it must be high enough to be non-intruding and low enough to be provider of shade. An average measure of pole is 8ft. though 7ft high umbrellas are the minimum recommended. A model that is tilted, aids in continuously blocking the shade, even as the sun traverses from east direction to west.

Free Standing or Table Umbrellas

Both have their benefits. Table umbrellas are ideal for you if you intend to entertain and serve often at the patio table.
Table umbrellas are mostly cheaper and one can change it every few years for getting a fresh look, without spending too much money.

But, if you desire that the umbrella provides shade in another part of the patio (lounge chairs beside a swimming pool) – it would be best to go in for a free standing umbrella.

Also, you may not like that a pole disrupt your patio table. Thus a freestanding umbrella permits use of complete table for playing games or serving food. This is a popular feature of an outdoor umbrella Brisbane.

Base of Umbrellas

It is necessary to have a good base for your umbrella. Don’t be under the delusion that securing an umbrella to the table will offer sufficient stability. For one, the base must hold the umbrella steady in face of strong winds. Also, they must keep the umbrellas straight in hot summer weather.

Search for the largest base for umbrellas which are more than 10 ft. The base must be so designed as to fit the pole in the umbrella. For best fit, consult the umbrella manufacturer.

Fabric and Material

A fibreglass design must be used in place of aluminium, in case your location is in a windy region. Instead of breaking, fibre glass bends with the wind and snaps back into its original position. This is a quality which helps umbrellas last long.

As for umbrella fabric, it needs to be sufficiently weather resistant in rain and sun. Experts recommend fabrics like Sunbrella which are inexpensive and long lasting.

These are all some tips to purchase the best patio or outdoor umbrella.

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