Reasons Why Everyone Is in Love with Electric Fireplaces

December 29, 2017

Fireplaces have been the centre of attraction of every home for centuries now. The simple place where people merely used to light up logs to keep themselves warm have evolved and become a place where the family huddles together, gets cosy and talks for hours. History has unfolded right in the presence of these fireplaces. Every ancient home used to have a fireplace and a chimney to let out the soot of burned logs. There are several folklores about it like the Santa Clause climbing down the fireplace chimney to give gifts under the Christmas tree. So, it would not be astounding that people still like having fireplaces as their heating systems instead of the air conditioners and heaters.

Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces give homes a timeless look along with the required warmth. So, with such popularity of fireplaces, there are several types of fireplaces available in the market. Out of all of those, I would prefer buying an electric fireplace – a modern invention that relieves people of the dark soot blackening the chimney. In fact, an electric fireplace does not even need a chimney. It saves you from all the hassle of arranging firewood and cleaning up the fireplace after the fire goes out. Also, people who previously owned fireplace, which burned logs or coal, would know how much time and work it takes to light up the fireplace and then followed by the time taken by it to warm up the place. On the other hand, an electric fireplace merely needs a switch.

Here are all the benefits of an electric fireplace that you would not get in a traditional one:

  1. Efficient heating: Unlike traditional ones, fireplaces running on electricity have a technology that can make the room warm in a consistent manner. You can also control the room temperature according to your needs. This way, the whole room becomes a comfortable space and not only the areas near the fireplace.
  2. No maintenance: Electric fireplaces do not have real flames that you get by burning logs. The flames are just a visual representation to give an aesthetic appeal. So, with no real flames, there is no soot and burned residue that you need to clean. This simply mean that electric fireplaces need zero maintenance and prepping. All you need to do is switch it on, feel the warmth and switch it off when not needed.
  3. Zero pollution: with increasing concerns regarding air pollution, burning up logs would definitely not benefit the atmosphere. Thee smoke would further pollute the atmosphere and thereby increasing your carbon footprints. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand have nothing to burn to warm up the room and that means zero pollution. Also, you would be saving a lot of natural resources by not burning wood or coal. This is the best benefit of this fireplace.
  4. Safe: Flames are harmful. There is no debate on that. If you have kids around in your homes while firewood is crackling in the fireplace, there is always a constant risk if someone burning oneself by mistake. This is unlikely in the case of an electric fireplace as there are no flames. An absence of actual flame equals to the absence of any hazard.
  5. Installed anywhere: A traditional fireplace would need a chimney along with it to be functional. But, an electric fireplace can be installed at any place, be it a small windowless room or a large hall and you do not need any remodelling of the place to fit in a chimney as you do not need one.

Electric Fireplaces

These benefits clearly prove that electric fireplace shave been making lives easier and cosy.


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