Silestone Quartz Worktops For Kitchens

February 28, 2018

Silestone quartz worktops have become a must-have item among people aspiring to have glamorous kitchens at their abodes. While with a wide range of textures and colours, Silestone kitchen worktops can unleash the widest creativity not only in kitchens but in any area of a property including bathroom, hallways and stairs; the exclusive properties of this brand of quartz stone makes it a unique surface for creating custom made styles in any interior space.

Perfect materials for kitchen worktops

With multitudes of colours and their attributes of natural stone when it comes to looks, Silestone kitchen worktops have become a very popular choice for kitchen worktop applications. Consisting of a combination of mostly pure crystalline quartz blended with a small amount of resin to provide some of its exclusive performance characteristics, Silestone worktops are known for their solidity and reliability. Their durability, versatility, unique colour combinations and patterns have made Silestone popular in many homes as well as in commercial establishments around the globe. These worktops resist stains and are non-porous which fulfil the two vital requirements of what surface in kitchens should be all about.

The above image shows Silestone Emperador worktops

Scratch resistant and uniform colour pattern

In kitchens around the country, areas and materials such as quartz worktop surrey Silestone is a fantastic choice of material, as they are available in polished finishes as well as in Suede and Volcano textures. They are also scratch resistant and anti-bacterial. Further to these, other benefits include the fact that Silestone does not require sealing and can easily stand the test of time without getting discoloured due to their inherent sturdiness. The most intriguing feature of these worktops is that anyone can create a wide range of practical and beautiful design options such having uniform colour patterns or wild and plain designs too. Another reason why Silestone worktops are desired by most households is that they are very easy to clean. With the help of only damp sponge; dirt, food residues, or any stain can be removed from their surfaces, brining their shine back in seconds.

The above image shows Silestone Eternal Marfil worktops

Preferred by architects, interior designers, house builders and homeowners alike

Feel free to ask any architect and they would recommend Silestone as a quartz worktop surrey or in any other area in the UK for kitchens. Being incredibly strong, these worktops are made of one of the toughest materials on Earth: quartz. As such they offer heavy-duty surface, supporting the day-to-day heavy workload and demands in kitchens including spilling of liquids, possibility of multiple marks while chopping food items. Consequently, they have become a preferred choice of the homeowners too. Although hot cookware can also be laid down on these incredibly strong surfaces, it is recommendable to place pans and pots directly from the oven on to a trivet rather than on the Silestone surfaces.
These materials come in the widest range of options in terms of colours, patterns, sizes and finishes to choose from and they can adapt to practically any budget. A blend of both nature and technology in popular areas such as in quartz worktop Surrey gives any kitchen a very inviting look whilst providing a distinct appeal. Aesthetically beautiful, these easy to clean surfaces also offer highly efficient finishes to any property.

Silestone kitchen worktops and areas such as quartz worktop Surrey have become exceedingly popular for due to their magnificent aesthetics, durability and toughness. The wide range of colour and design combinations in these worktops has also made them the preferred choice of the customers.

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