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Stay Home Longer by Installing Walk-in Tubs and Showers

February 14, 2018

Seniors often develop ailments that make mobility hard or painful. Falls are a fear for many seniors living alone in their own homes. Installing walk-in tubs and showers can enable individuals to stay in their own homes longer. These valuable bathroom options give added security for the senior and welcome peace-of-mind to their concerned family members. These options allow easy access tubs and showers to be quickly installed by bathroom remodeling contractors that offer these innovative bathing solutions. These bathroom fixtures are often priced to enable most seniors to afford the installation cost.

These novel walk-in styled tubs often have enlarged entrance areas and a leak free design. The individual can opt for pull in or pull out doors. Many of these useful products are made to fit right over an existing tub. Some models can be placed in a corner spot to add more space for walking or wheelchair accessibility. Most come equipped with non-slip seats where individuals can safely sit while bathing or showering. The shower nozzle can be places lower to allow easier and better access showering. The benefits of installing these items are immense for those individuals that are finding bathing more of a challenge.

The beautiful designs of these convenient bathroom addition fixtures has improved substantially in recent years. Now, families can install these products that look spectacular and still allows the bathroom to be used by the rest of the family. Homeowners can select from bathtub/shower combination units, or they can pick a single shower or bathtub option. These items are typically guaranteed, and the investment is certainly worth enabling individuals more bathing independence and a safer bathroom showering or tub bathing experience. Most of these easily accessed products come with sturdy grip handles and often textured bottom surfaces to lessen the chances for slipping while in the tub or shower.

Homeowners wanting to add these easy to step into bathroom products should have their bathroom plumbing checked out to ensure that everything will work and drain properly. This is a good time to evaluate the plumbing so the area won’t need to be torn up after the installation due to a faulty pipe or drain clog. Additionally, homeowners can add other safety features like additional safety grip bars by the toilet or elsewhere. The height of the toilet can also be changed if necessary.

These newer easy-to-access tubs and showers would make a perfect gift for elderly parents or someone that has disabilities. If someone is in a wheelchair, the bathroom door can be widened by an expert carpenter to enable better access. Some seniors also add heated flooring when installing their new items. Heated floors and towel racks not only add a luxurious touch, they make bathing much more comfortable to someone that has aching joints or bones. This addition can lessen chills which can cause discomfort and increased susceptibility to some illnesses. These bathroom additions come in many fantastic color and style choices. It is a good idea to get a qualified electrician to add better lighting in the bathroom too for added safety.

Any homeowner that desires a new easy access shower or bathtub installation can find well trained bathroom contractors simply by using an affordable professional locator online service.

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