Story Of Few Young Entrepreneurs

July 12, 2016

Kabir, Angad, Karan and Rahul were college friends. They were engineering graduates from NIT Jamshedpur. Declining high paying job offers, they took bold steps and jumped into the challenging startup world. They started their own company a year back in the city of Jamshedpur. It was a logistics company. Angad was the CEO of the company. Karan took care of marketing. Kabir handled the tech. And Rahul managed sales and operations.

They rented a small room in Jamshedpur and started working together. They boostrapped, managing expenses from their pocket money. Angad led the team prolifically and they all started with pure passion and commitment. Despite the immense pressure of their parent and society, they were unmoved and determined. They learnt nuances of business and did everything from scratch. There came many hurdles but with impeccable co-ordination and support amongst them, they surpassed them.

After initial struggle, they managed to rope in a few clients after approaching and discussing their business ideas with more than a hundred clients. They went to everyone in Jamshedpur who seemed like their probable customers. Clients started liking the quality of their service, and they started referring them to others. Slowly and slowly, at a snail’s pace, the company started growing. Their client base doubled in a few months.

To manage the growing client base they hired a few interns, and shifted to a bigger room in Jamshedpur. The trust they built amongst the clients was amazing. They were floored by the service of a young company started by college graduates who had no prior experience. Soon they started getting clients from neighboring cities like Ranchi, Bokaro, Patna etc. From a four people team to twenty member team, it was nothing less than a roller-costar ride. They rented a 2-BHK flat in Ranchi and ran their business from there.

Number of clients from Ranchi, started growing exponentially. Ranchi had a mammoth client base, and held vast potential for their growing business. So in the board meeting, they decided to shift their head office to Ranchi. Angad went to Ranchi and finalized a 1500 square feet space in a commercial complex as their future head office.

They had a lot furniture and a few Air Conditioner in Jamshedpur, which needed to be transported to Ranchi to be properly utilized in their new office. It would save them from a lot off unnecessary expenses. Kabir started searching a reliable packers and movers Ranchi service. He finally went ahead with APM relocation private limited.

Rahul and Angad left for Ranchi, while Kabir and Karan stayed back in Jamshedpur to manage the transportation of the furniture, ACs and other office equipments from Jamshedpur to Ranchi. The two lorries of APM reached at the scheduled time. Both the drivers were courteous and well behaved. They loaded the furniture and other stuffs on the lorries.
Kabir and Karan sat on the lorries and they left for Ranchi. After hours of journey, they finally arrived at their new office. The drivers of APM lorry unloaded the lorries and carried the furniture all the way to their new office. Kabir thanked the drivers as he was fully satisfied with service provided by APM at a very economical price.
A new journey began for the young entrepreneurs. Growing business, and a new office was waiting for them to take charge.

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