Tips to Create a Garden On a Balcony

April 13, 2018

The hobby of Gardening is a creative one, as most of you think it to be easy because all we gardeners have to do is pot some plants. But that’s not the case because before you think of having a garden, you have to consider so many factors which start from the plants, soil, gardening tools to their maintenance.

For all the gardeners out there, who don’t have an open space outside their house but a balcony at home, can fulfill their wish of making and maintaining a garden of their own.

Given below are tips to create your own balcony garden

  1. Shop in an organized way: Decide which plants will go together and then go for buying them. Many plants don’t go along with each other. In this case, pairing them in the small balcony garden might make it look not-so-good or fine. Sit down with a pen and a paper and make a list of plants which form a fantastic combination, plants you have always wanted to store if you had a garden and plants which will make your new-found balcony garden beautiful.
  2. Add wooden planks to make platforms or levels: Add long planks on the wall with the help of the ankle. This will create more space on the small balcony and will not create an untidy look. You can keep small scented flower pots on these levels and create a fresh, refreshing environment in that very small space (balcony).
  3. Square-foot gardening: In a large soil box, add pebbles and divide the box into square-foot sections. Now plant small sized flower plants, or you can also grow vegetables on them which occupy less space and are also very productive. Some of them can be carrots, radishes or beets. This will either give you a colorful basket of beautiful flowers or a bunch of different veggies to eat. Keep this box in one corner of the balcony or on a small stand. This idea acquires less space and also gives a colorful look to the balcony garden.
  4. Vertical Gardening: Vertical Gardening is a must idea to be adopted by those who have always wanted to convert their balcony into the garden. Go for planter boxes and hanging pots to decorate your window ledges and railings. Existing furniture and fixtures can be used for this method. On those hanging pots, you can select what to plant between herbs, decorative plants or some other edible crops or little colorful flowers as well.
  5. Indoor Gardening: While converting your balcony into a garden, the concept and ideas of Indoor Gardening can also be of big help. You can plant succulents, aloe or cactus. Make sure you don’t overwater them because then you have to clean the mess which might make the floor dirty and the necessary nutrients to have a chance of flowing out with the excess water. Aloe not only adds beauty to the garden but also will provide you with many benefits once you plant them and start using them.
  6. Choose the right plants: Selection of plants for the balcony should not only be restricted to your preferences or choices. There are various other factors to be considered for this purpose such as the climatic conditions you live in, or the exposure of your balcony to the sunlight, or the time you can devote for those plants. If your gallery is not much exposed to sunlight, opt for succulents or plants which need less sunlight. Consider every factor which could of great help to make your balcony garden a successful mission and then choose your plants accordingly.
  7. Use accessories and pebbles: Nobody wants a garden which has too busy or an over-clutter look. But this tends to happen along with time. Use small marble stones or rocks over the soil. This will work as mulch and will avoid your balcony garden to look too cluttered. The use of these accessories and pebbles not only enhances the beauty of the garden but also gives a great look to the containers like pots or plastic planter boxes.

Don’t suppress your dream of having a beautiful garden in your house just because you have a small house or you don’t have an open area outside. Be creative and convert your balcony into a garden. Nobody hates the fantastic combination of green look, scented air, and colorful view. And this is as easy to create as it is to dream of. You can always make great deals by applying the “coupons at CouponHub” to get the essentials at a discount.

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