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Top Reasons Buyers Prefer New Homes

September 18, 2017
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There is a great debate on buying fresh versus buying established with some history. Buying new or old both have advantages and disadvantages. But the mind remains stuck when it comes to choosing the type of home even after getting the realistic views from friends and family.

Though the property prices are increasing day by day but more people are likely to buy new modern homes and condos. Increasingly popular condominium communities have made it possible to enjoy home ownership as well as super luxe amenities. This article lists the top 10 reasons why buyers prefer new homes over the used homes.

Excitement Of A Custom Built New Home

Everyone has a sketch in of his dream house in mind. Living in a house of your dream is the best feeling where everything and every aspect of house is customized as same as your desire. Some of the buyers do not like to live in the houses having some or do not want to compromise on storage spaces or other choices. A new house means a new space is personalized according to the buyer’s taste and living style.

Options For Designing Dreamy Home

The big advantage or reason of buying new houses is that buyers have options to choose the fitting, floor plan, flooring, landscape, fixtures, lighting and many other things. Many communities like Regina condos have flexibility and buyers have right to choose the flooring, floor plan, fitting and fixtures during the construction of their condo unit. So,  buyers can select the flooring, fixtures and fittings they will love.

Everything Is New And Under Warranty

Nothing is worse than a buyer when he purchased a used home moved in and found that the pipes and roofs are leaking. It is a nightmare that a buyer has to spend money again on repairs. Buying a home is a great investment and a new home obviously made of the quality material and equipped with the brand new appliances and tools that are under warranty. So, there will be no additional costs.

Better Indoor Quality

As discussed earlier, new homes are constructed with fine quality material and state of the art appliances, ventilation and filtration system. They are not only ensuring safety but also improving the indoor quality, making space more relaxing and comfortable for your family.

New Homes Are Energy Efficient

Most of the new homes and condos such as Saskatoon condos are built using high quality construction material having a sealing layer. The insulated homes, brand new windows and modern appliances consume less energy and the sealing envelope controls the flow of energy.  All these things and features made new home more energy efficient than those built some years ago. Such energy efficient homes lower the bills and buyers save money.

Plenty Of Community Amenities

Good condominium communities like Saskatchewan condos are offering super luxe amenities and perks. Resort like pool, free parking, storage space, fully equipped fitness centre, community party room, beautiful landscape, walking area..the list goes on.

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