Trophies – an Award and Recognition

December 27, 2017

A trophy is a palpable and substantial reminder of a certain achievement. It serves as an award or achievement of the merit. Trophies are awarded as medals or given as traditional trophies often for sporting events, athletics, and many other events.  Even many corporate companies also generate trophies to their employees for their achievements. However, it can be a school event, college event or corporate function, and trophies always stand for achievements and it can encourage the receivers for developing their skills on the same niche. So when you choose the trophies, you need to consider several things such as style, design, color, customization, quality and price of the trophies

glass trophies

Different types of trophies available in the market:

Trophies include a figure, equipment of any sport, animal which is correlated with the contest or the competition an individual has participated into. The achievement is proudly handled and displayed in their respective homes, schools, and offices. They are priceless as they are unique and they also have monetary value. These days’ trophies are often made up of molded plastic which is colored to resemble the gold, silver, and brass. The trophies are manufactured in an industry and are assembled by the local dealers or the retailers. These dealers sell the trophies to the public. Trophies are available in various materials such as plastic, silvertone, goldtone, marble-like or wood-like base, and you can also choose some customized trophies for your event. But when you choose the trophies, you need to check their quality because poor quality trophies can reflect negative impression and you should be aware of this issue.

Materials uses for making trophies:

  • The major components which are required to build up the trophy are plastic and metal. The trophies can also be made from cheaper components like cast-resin and pressed-wood. These trophies are often painted and sometimes also plated so that they become visible like a metal.
  • The averagely priced trophies are made up of metals like magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum. The trophies are also made up of alloys which are made from metals or wood. These trophies are also painted or plated and the wooden material is stained.
  • There are expensive trophies available in the markets which are exclusively made up of sterling silver and crystal. The molten metal’s consisting of resin and cast parts are molded into various shape.
  • Apart from that, you can also find some trophies made with glass and people can also engrave their company name, recipient’s name and other details on these glass trophies. So now you need to choose the materials according to your needs and budget. But if you buy trophies in bulk then you can get some attractive discounts.

glass trophies

Different types of trophies available online: Various industries require different types of material to build up a trophy and the award. Some of the metals include bronze, iron, and platinum. Out of the three platinum is the most expensive metal. Platinum does not corrode and is non-oxidizing metal. The platinum trophies should be kept away from halogen gases. Platinum trophies are precious like gold and silver trophies.

  • The other common type of metal used in the manufacturing of trophies is bronze. Bronze is manufactured artificially unlike other metals. The bronze metal combines tin and copper and is a hard metal. It is quite durable and long lasting.
  • Contemporary trophies are the momentum which takes the shape of a basketball player or a basketball. Trophies can also have two-handled cups or single handled cups. Usually, they have representations of people, statues, animals, architecture.

So now you can design your trophies according to your needs and you can buy them from online. There are some online platforms available where you can also customize your trophies at a minimum price.

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