4 Music Instruments from the Tradition of Ireland

June 19, 2017

Music has played a big part in shaping the Irish tradition. Irish people have always been involved in various types of music. Their long interest in music has portrayed through their divergence towards traditional music instruments as well as the most modern ones. However it is the traditional ones that have echoed the most through the long history of music within the country. There have been many different music instruments that have been associated with the history of Irish music, however here are few of the most notable ones.

1: Bodhran

The Bodhran is a percussion instrument and is a variation of the traditional drum. The drum itself however is probably the oldest music instrument that has also seen usage in various other purposes as well. The Bodhran is a smaller and more portable version of the classic drum that has only one playable or beatable side. The frame is lightweight and is about 14 to 18 inches in diameter, however the size can be varied depending on choice and selection of the player. It is generally played with some type and variation of the beater and can also be played with bare hands of the player. The Bodhran has had a huge impact on the history of music in Ireland and is commonly played at pubs and other social gatherings. The increased demand of the instrument has boosted its availability and in the modern day is very easy to find Bodhran for sale both in local stores and also on the internet.

2: Guitar


The Guitar is without a doubt the most well-known stringed instrument across the world. The instrument has seen so much popularity that there have been movies made solely on the instrument and the guitar industry has seen so much innovation that there have been a high number of version of the Guitar being introduced in the world depending on the region and choice of the people in the region. The guitar in the more recent history has also played a vital role in the Irish history with a number of modern Guitar players making their names in popular music groups and a high number of younger people adapting to the instrument as well.

3: Harp

The harp is the most famous stringed instrument in Ireland. It is a very traditional instrument and has its roots based in history as old as the medieval times or even before that. It has seen great usage in the country and there has been at least one very notable version of it the Lyre Harp. The Harp has seen much popularity in the music history of Ireland and also many other countries of the world although for many people it is still associated with only the Irish music. That is probably because of its appearance and playing style resembling to that of various other Irish music instruments.

4: Flute

The Flute is a completely different type of music instrument than the already discussed ones. It is a blow wind type of music instrument and takes the wind that is blown in from the mouth of the player, which is let out from the holes present in its body at different angles and speeds creating music of variable pitch. This is a typical Irish instrument that has played a huge role in the history of music in the country. It is the most compact and lightweight instrument from the bunch discussed in this article and that has contributed a lot to its popularity as many players have been able to take it with them at various events and play it when required.

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