Dishes that are a Must have for the Winter Months

January 8, 2018

Winters are the time for proteins. If you love to have various kinds of meats along with different types of pulses, then winter is the month for you. There are a lot of dishes that one ought to try out during these few months.

Since the temperature remains low, the body needs a significant amount of protein to keep itself warm and hence you can load yourself with these delicious treats without having to worry too much. So if you are thinking of the variety of dishes that you can try out, here is a list that you have to make sure to cover.

  1. Well winter mornings should be stuffed with proteins too and hence a dish of baked beans and bread along with sausages, ham or salami is a must. If you are having baked beans then you have to restrict the meat that you are having to one variety only. If you are giving the baked means a miss, then you can try out two different meat varieties. It is important to be full but not to over eat, especially when having so much meat.
  2. When it comes to dinner dishes, then you have to try out londi’s famous roast beef. These are particularly great if you are having guests over since they are delicious and also form a good enough amount of full meal. It is essential to make sure that you have a lot of green vegetables along with the dose of protein or it might upset your stomach. Have some potato chips too with the roast beef to get a perfect blend of crunch and juicy!
  3. How can you miss out on chicken when the talk turns to protein and hence it is mandatory to try out a cheesy and creamy chicken dish during this time of the year. Chicken stroganoff makes the perfect cut for the winter season. Quite light when cooked right, this works extremely well when paired with garlic rice. If you are wondering what would be a perfect winter lunch menu then chicken stroganoff, garlic rice and of course a bowl full of boiled vegetables would be the perfectly healthy choice to go for. Do try out this combination once to enjoy that perfect winter lunch.
  4. If you are fond of fish, then you are luck since you will be able to load yourself with some really good protein which will be good for your health. Try out a kingfish tandoori roast to make your wintery evenings toasty warm and not to mention, extremely tasty!
  5. Well if you are not up for beef, but want to enjoy a dish on the lines of londis roast beef then do try out a slow cooked mutton on bamboo. This is an indigenous dish, straight from the bowl of eastern India. It has a lovely smoked feel to it and is rich and thick with little to no gravy. This is indeed a delicious treat which you should not miss.

So, these are some of the awesome protein laden winter dishes that you have to try out!


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