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July 3, 2017

History of Fondant Cakes

Fondant cakes were invented in the 16th century. Fondant renowned as frosting because if its versatility. Fondant can be stored for a longer period of time unlike other frosting cakes. The texture of fondant is very smooth and firm which lends it the flexibility of molding and shaping it in to many shapes as desired. Cake makers in many countries now prefer to use fondant instead of simple frosted topping for any big or elaborated functions or wedding. Reason being because of its firmness which can be stored for longer period of time and pliability.

In modern times, today, the cake makers and cake bakers combine fondant frosting with piped frosting and other various types of decorations by using icing glue fondant to give many desirable shapes. Fondant is much used today because it provides a very smooth application and foundation while creating. You can also order fondant cakes online and send them to different cities. Online cake delivery in Bhilwara has become quite popular.

Earlier in the 16th century, fondants were made with rosewater, lemon juice, egg white, eating gum and sugar. Its composition in earlier times was quite tough to create. It used to take much of time and energy while creating the base for fondant. Over the years, fondant has gained popularity in many countries because of its pliability and versatility and also because of the major reason that it can be easily molded in to any desired shape. Unlike other frosting, it requires time to set, as this is basically a water and sugar paste with gum and contains no butter.

The words “fondant” derived from the French words “fondre”, which means to melt. Just as the name, fondant actually melts in the mouth. Earlier, fondants gained popularity as a candy. But gradually, this gained popularity as an essential ingredient for creating exciting cakes by cake makers.

Later on fondant was adapted as a cake icing, which gradually grew as an important ingredient.

Buying an airbrush for cake decoration

An airbrush can be a wonderful asset as you decorate fondant cakes. It allows you to come up with beautiful and finesse results while consuming less of your time. Fondant can be colored or made into many shapes as the icing on the cake itself by using these airbrush instead of coloring all that regular icing. You can also draw images on the fondant cakes by using stencils and other techniques. There are many exciting things which can be done with these fondants. Just to make the cake look awesome.

Fondant cake as growing culture

Fondant cakes have gained popularity in India as well. Fondants make the cake so much exciting that it is gaining popularity. Even though it is relatively higher in price as compared to normal frosting cakes.

Due to its increase of demand and baking, cake related television shows have also gained much importance in India. Online cake website too has started providing fondant cakes because of its much gained popularity. Fondant cakes enjoy popularity today than ever before. You can now send cake to Bhilwara by simply contacting us. Even the complicated fondant cakes are baked and provided by us.

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