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Tips on Taking Care of Your Friend During Flu Season

December 15, 2017

With the ever-changing weather, flu season is at a full time high. Flus tend to make you fatigued, depressed and feel the blues while you are in bed rest. If you have a friend who is down with a flu and is living by themselves, here are a few ways in which you can take care of your friend –

  • Send them flowers and chocolates
    When you are sick and in bed rest, chocolates can make you feel instantly better and all the carbs can give you a lot of energy. Not just that, the thought of someone caring for you so much to send you chocolates and flowers is one of the best feelings. A lot of online sites allow you to send flowers and chocolates with free delivery to any part of India; you can
    send flowers to Kota, Udaipur, Jaipur and many such smaller districts and towns throughout India.
  • Cook them a meal
    When you friend is sick and living alone, the best way to make sure they feel better is by cooking them a nice healthy meal instead of letting them order food from hotels. This way they not only recover faster by eating home cooked meals, but also get to spend quality time with their friend instead of being sick in bed and alone. The best meals to cook for your friend who is down with a flu are chicken soup, stir fried veggies, porridge, and simple baked chicken dishes which aren’t too heavy for digestion.
  • Watch a movie together
    Get a bunch of friends to do a movie night together in your friend’s house. This way, your friend won’t be left alone in bed rest away from family and friends. Good company can make anyone feel better and add some positivity in an otherwise dull day when you have a flu. To make it extra special, you could play your friend’s favorite movie or football game that they like. Ensure that you don’t end up having a party instead of a movie night because it might just make your friend cranky and even more sick.
  • Go for a long comfortable drive
    Play their favorite music and take them for a long drive. Stop by and get warm coffee so that they can enjoy their warm beverage during the drive. There’s nothing that a long drive with good music can’t solve! Play your friend’s favorite play list and let them relax. You can also take them to your favorite midnight cafeteria and have some midnight munchies to make them feel better!

While you’re doing all of the above, ensure that you don’t catch a flu yourself. Pump up on your multi vitamins to ensure you don’t catch the flu bug. Also, if you can stay over at your friend’s place, that would be ideal since they might need medicines or help at night and if they are by themselves, it might get depressing and difficult for them. Also, if you plan to send flowers to Kota to your friend, ensure he/she isn’t allergic to them to avoid any further complications.

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