A Customised Font Will Always Speak About The Importance of Design & Goal

July 12, 2017

If you are a graphic designer, you might have wished to experiment with fonts, right? Well, this is not usual since most of the times designers just want to go a little extra in terms of customising a font. Ordinary things or better said ancient elements regularly visualized don’t give us an awe feeling. I know in this new era of internet & visual things, designs play crucial role and to enhance the designs it is essential to make use of a font which can provide a new meaning to ‘appealing posts’.

“The world is full of eye-catching fonts but a customised font will always speak about the importance of design & goal, louder than the words”

In the deed of creating appealing designs you always find few font types just perfect but then you still wish to tweak them a little. Isn’t it? I am sure you often try to combine two closely related fonts just to complete the definite brief with the concept of design and believe me from the perspective of design such experiments have a great significance. In recent times such a fruitful experiment has made two fonts with similar countenance to combine.

The Curious Story Of Two Casual Fonts: 

Both Papyrus and Comic Sans offer a fainting casual style that we designers often like to use befittingly in many places. Both are well known for their smooth and clean finger paint on chalkboard style font shapes. They look funny but creative while maintaining the clean and elegant feel. Many of us are already in love with these two fonts and reasonably so. But here comes the twist. Now, what about combining these two fonts and offering a better version? At the outset, while thinking over the possibility we cannot be more agreed.

Comic Papyrus: A Possibility Turned Reality: 

Designers, you have heard it right. Yes, the new fusion of two fonts respectively as Comic Sans and Papyrus has come down to the invention of a new super font. Wow! The old Comic sans which looked more like hand writing & the font mostly used in the jokes and memes is combined with Papyrus the font which was regularly used for signs, business cards and letterheads. So, what is the new font name? Let’s hold the excitement for a while. We are going to come to that. The value of this design innovation seems enormous as it is the world’s first genetically engineered font. Holding the aesthetic appeal of both the constituent font elements it looks pretty beautiful and enchanting. It holds the same clean and clutter free look and feel while fusing delicacy and playfulness. At the same time the new font looks extremely unique and fresh. For designers this cross bred font proved once more experiments most of the time pays and comes with a unique approach.

What Delights Waiting For The Designers?

What is the real value of this new font for the designers? How it just fit into the scheme of things graphic designers engrossed with? In plain talk, we can refer to the creative possibilities but then, such gross value proposition may not seem enough appealing. Practically speaking, both Papyrus the font used for flat designs and Comic Sans the font used for conversation are popular fonts which are widely used as playful and clean typefaces across variety of interfaces.

There are too many designers who switch between these two fonts often just to ensure the right balance. There are other designers who just cannot decide upon using any of these two fonts simply because both of them holds equal charm in a different way. Now with the introduction of this new font, designers may avoid switching between fonts frequently or just can have a third option to add value to the interface. Yes, the new font adds value to both purpose of representing a conversation in flat designs. With three distinct options with lot of similarities in style, designers now can enjoy greater freedom when choosing Comic Sans or Papyrus for their purposes. This is no less than a delight for the designers, isn’t it?

The New Font Is Comic Parchment: 

“Today, when I was considering the a font though wide range of typefaces, amateur and professional, I fortunately found a professional typeface that could occupy the area of design space between two old fonts Comic Sans & Papyrus and that is Comic Parchment”

No, don’t consider it a joke! The all new Comic Parchment is the only font we are talking about all these time and it is indeed the result of a fusion of Comic Sans and Papyrus. Considered as carrying the typographic gene of both the fonts Comic Parchment is truly a first of its kind genetically engineered font. It blends the old rustic qualities from past with modern fun-loving drama of today’s pages. The funny thing is there are many who ever since the new font came into existence just declined to see the connection. But in the meantime Comic Parchment really looks awesomely fresh and cute. Moreover, Comic Parchment looks every bit organic and natural while holding the subtleties of its parent fonts.

Time to adopt the new favorite and give a new touch to old rather than perplexing between the two old favorites!

Conclusion: While innovations with typeface will continue to foster, this new fusion of two old fonts Comic sans and Papyrus can well be regarded as a milestone and an example of how such experiments can deliver new promise.

So excited to give your interface an awe-inspiring look with this new fusion from two old fonts?

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