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How a smartphone Camera Can Help in Getting More Compensation Claims?

September 20, 2016

Most people have a smartphone – and these little pieces of technology can be invaluable when it comes time to making a claim. How? Well, there are five key ways that your smartphone can help you in your claim:

1. To record video footage: If you are able to record the aftermath or the scene of an accident, this evidence could prove to be vital in your claim for compensation. It may prove who the other party is and it may prove that you were in no way liable;

2. To take photographs: An increasing number of road traffic accident victims are starting to take photographs of their vehicle and their injuries after an accident. Such evidence can be vital in determining liability and photographs can also speed up your claim, because insurance companies will have no grounds to contest liability;

3. To record audio: Some people are able to capture just audio after an accident, which can help to identify the other party and prove liability. For example, if you feel that a confrontation is likely after an accident, you can press record on your phone and slip it into your pocket to record the audio of any confrontation discreetly;

4. To take down witness details: Most people do not have a pen and a piece of paper on them – but most people do have a smartphone. If you have witnesses for your accident, take down their details if they are willing to provide them. Save them onto your phone and keep them safe for when it comes time to making your claim.

5. Emergency services: Your smartphone can also help you to contact the emergency services quickly in the event of an accident – and crucially, your call will be recorded.

How will my evidence will be used by my solicitor?

Your UK lawyers for compensation will ask you if you have any evidence to support or refute your claim; it is important to point out too that it is against the law to withhold evidence.

If you were able to capture any videos, audio or photographs on your smartphone, then you should give them to your solicitor so that they can review them and see if they substantiate your claim. Your solicitor will watch any footage you have captured to assess its value.

High quality evidence, such as video footage and photographs, will likely be used to substantiate your claim to improve the chances of claim success. The evidence you provide will be presented to the other side together with your case file and settlement demand. If the evidence is overwhelmingly positive with regards to your claim, then the other side will likely be in no position whatsoever to reject your personal injury claim.

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