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How to Find the Best DUI Lawyer in Fort Collins?

March 21, 2018

Imagine yourself driving down a freeway after a night of adequate drinking, only to be pulled over by cops. Within minutes you are check via a breath analyzer and deemed guilty of driving under the influence. You do your best to explain to the officer that it was just a couple of drinks and nothing more. You didn’t want to drive but as your friend is already drunk quite much, you needed to get over the wheel as an emergency solution. Do you think this would prevent you from getting booked? Who can be your best aid? In a city like Fort Collins, who would dial first en route to the station? A Fort Collins DUI lawyer of course.

What is DUI or Driving under Influence?

DUI is a criminal offense, which is committed when you drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or even a combination of alcohol and drugs). This affects the driver’s sense of control and handling. This leaves you incapable to make decisions mentally or physically.

You are also unable to exercise clear judgment. You do not have physical control of the car or bike even. Operating a vehicle under its proper speed limit is also a problem. You may ride or drive too slow, disrupting traffic behind you or go fast, making it hazardous for you and the other commuters. If your reading is .080 or above, you are bound to get arrested.

Who is a DUI Lawyer?

When dealing with charges related to DUI, you must have a really good Fort Collins DUI lawyer by your side that understands the legal proceedings and is your mediator/defender against the charges. An experienced lawyer would be perfect. It is a plus point if you have a DUI lawyer who is also experienced with criminal cases. You need a lawyer because if convicted you could face revocation of your license, pay real heavy fines and even could be sentenced to jail time.


For first time offenders, the court can suspend jail time on the condition that you complete an alcohol evaluation. At this time you need a good Fort Collins DUI lawyer to smoothen out this process and make you leave with a sense of learning from this mistake. As a first time offender, you are bound to feel nervous, fearful and distrustful. The presence of a lawyer then is absolutely crucial.

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