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Touch Delhi with your heart

July 8, 2016
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Delhi being the capital of India is said to be the heart of the country as it is full of hustles and bustles. A busy city but yet, it has a unique flavor of its own. This city is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary as the past essence of Purana Dilli gets mixed with the flavor of New Delhi and makes a different and special experience for those who come and visit this city.

There are plenty of things to do in Delhi. It is not about visiting the tourist sites. It is all about getting the actual essence of the city. Once you reach there, you need to do these things otherwise you are definitely missing all the fun.

Visiting Chandni Chowk in Delhi is the mandatory because it is the place where one can smell the flavor of Old Delhi and relive the past. The oldest markets and the busy narrow lanes along with some hidden treasures like old book shops, cloth stores this place is definitely that old wine which gets you the best taste of Delhi. To visit this place, one can hire a hand pulled rickshaw and pass through the human waves within the narrow lanes getting the actual buzz of the place. Of course, you should not miss the mouth watering street foods and some cheap book and cloth shopping sessions before you come back with memories.

If you are shopaholic, then Delhi Haat is your place. If you are not, then also you should visit this place so that you do not regret later. This is an all time open air market which has a lot of food stalls and craft shops. This is the ultimate destination where one can find all the exquisite art and crafts products which they can buy to decorate their houses or as a gift item. There are many food stalls from where one can taste authentic Delhi chaats, and it is a hub where many cultural activities take place. If you are visiting Delhi during summer, then do not even think of missing the Sharbat Festival.

If you are visiting Delhi in winter and mainly in the month of November, then make it a point to drop at the India International Trade Fair. This happens every year in the Pragati Maidan where one can find variety of products which include garments, textiles, home decors and even organic food and beverages. Exhibitors from all over India accumulate here to sell their authentic products and there are even people who put up there stalls in this fair coming from a different country.

Most people while visiting Delhi pay a visit to the Purana Qila. But having a boat ride there is a different experience all together. The adjoined lake which is present there has a boat riding facility. If one can hire a boat and spend viewing the sunset from there, it is definitely a mesmerizing experience.

When in Delhi, you just cannot miss these things.

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