Why choosing Antigua & Barbuda passport is the wisest decision?

July 4, 2017

Considered one of the premiere destinations in all Caribbean, the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda is a perfect picture of traditional Caribbean charm to offer first world services. It’s known for 365 pristine beaches and isolated stretches of coastline that’s proud of being cutting-edge in financial services and advanced telecommunications infrastructure, setting a new standard among the many other countries offering citizenship by investment services.

Your Antigua and Barbuda passport is the key to explore Eastern Caribbean chain of islands forming part of the West Indies where lies the twin island states. The V.C. Bird International Airport is a hub of all international flights that arrives and departs to and from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and many other smaller islands in the Caribbean region.

The island state holds a stable political and economic position with low crime rate and English being the official language. While economy is mostly driven by tourism to compensate a population of not more than 100,000, a large portion of the community is based on expatriates settled primarily around the yachting hubs of Falmouth Harbour, English Harbour and Jolly Harbour that draws international tourist come citizens through the citizenship by investment programme all year long.

Bearing Antigua and Barbuda passport has many other advantages since the island state is official member of the United Nations, the British Commonwealth, Caricom as well as the Organisation of the American States (OAS) along with many other internationally acclaimed organisations. This holds many difference advantages to all those looking to find a second residence in the world.

Passport holders can enjoy visa-free travel to approximately 130 countries including the UK, Canada and countries of the Schengen Area. The biggest advantage is holding dual nationality being a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda without revoking nationality of the original birthplace.

We live in a world where geopolitical turmoil run high and in this scenarios, bearers of the US and EU passport also reap the benefits holding secondary passport to enter countries that promise a better lifestyle, economic stability, fair politics and wellbeing of the primary individual as well as his family.

For all those willing to resettle in the country with a family, it’s worth noting that ever since Antigua and Barbuda’s independence on November 1st, 1981, the educational system has underwent significant developments as a promise to offer quality education to all residents. There’re lots of public and private educational institutions to offer tuition based and a balanced education to all ages.

Higher education institutions include universities and vocational institutes to offer highly professional and advance courses touching various disciples including medicine, tourism, engineering and more.

The parliamentary system of government is British style with Antigua and Barbuda being a constitutional monarchy.

The judicial system comprises the Magistrate’s Court that deals with minor offenses whereas High Court that takes into considering more serious and bigger cases. If someone wishes to proceed beyond the High Court, the case should be passed to the Eastern Caribbean States Supreme Court of whose members are recruited by the organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

The Judicial Committee of the Private Council is located in London that sands as a final court to appeal for cases coming from Antigua and Barbuda however, the proposed regional justice tribunal is the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Antigua and Barbuda passport can be the key to get around well-off individuals, notable personalities and world’s renowned business players if you’re well educated. This means your secondary citizenship is an excellent long-term investment to promise freedom, flexibility and security.


The details above pretty much clarify the many benefits and features you can reap on the island nation bearing Antigua and Barbuda passport.

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