Problems Foreigners Face During Their Stay in India

July 3, 2017

Living in India has its different ups and downs. It is a country which is rich in terms of culture and heritage and beauty. No matter which state in India you go to, it will never disappoint you. But no matter where you go, you are bound to face some problems adjusting in the new environment. Similarly, expats are bound to face some issues when they reside in India as well. If you are planning to shift to India, this article will help you understand the problems you might face and how to deal with them.

First and foremost, you need to buy an Indian SIM card if you want to go anywhere around in the country. If you have a relative or a friend in the country, ask them to get a SIM card for you as they will get it easily without any hassles. It is very important to find a good flat. You don’t want to spend endlessly on hotel rooms, so better start looking early. There are a number of builders and developers in Delhi so you needn’t worry about the lack of flats. But if you want a good one, you should certainly start searching for them online as they are going to be your home for a long duration. Make sure you ask your friends for references so that they can lead you the best builders and developers in Delhi for best properties.

One thing that you will have to get used to is people staring at you. You look different than they do and the human instinct is to stare. If someone stares at you out of curiosity, the best thing you can do is smile back. But if you believe that they are stalking you and it is unsafe, you can contact any police station and they will come to your aid. Still, there is no harm in carrying a pepper spray along with you for your safety. You will not be used to the spicy food of India and can end up upsetting your stomach, hence always keep a doctor’s number with you.

Travelling in the city can be a problem as you do not know the routes and most of the people are going to try to extort money from you. If you are going to be working somewhere, ask your company to provide you with a cab driver so that you don’t have to face this issue. Otherwise, find a driver on your own who is there on your beck and call and can help you commute. You also need to set up a bank account and get a PAN card if you want to earn in the country.

Look at the list of documents that are required for you to be eligible to have a bank account and get it set up immediately on priority basis. If you know people who have lived in the country before, ask for their experience. This will be the most beneficial to you as you will be able to get first hand advice from people who have already faced and dealt with the problems that you are yet to face. You will also have to register at the Foreigner Regional Registration Office. If you want to avoid standing in a huge line, then get your application online and make it a point to reach their before time. For many things, you will need to engage in a hefty amount of paperwork. For such tasks, try carrying a friend along who knows the local language.

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