What Makes Some Homes the Best in the World?

July 17, 2017

Every one of us wants to live in a huge house in the best places around the world. But it is a dream that comes true for only a few people around the world. With some careful thought and planning, anything is possible for anyone. This is something we need to keep in mind and work towards to achieve our dreams. Who knows, one day you might be living in the Palm Jumeirah villas, which are one of the best homes in the world to live in.

Dubai, Palm Jumeirah

What are the Characteristics of Best Homes in the World?

The best homes in the world would need to be absolutely fantastic and awe inspiring. Let us have a look at what would comprise the best home –

  • Great Amenities
  • Great Locality
  • Beautiful Interiors
  • Vastness

Let us try to understand each of these points in an expansive way –

Great Amenities

Any great home will need to have some great amenities that can satisfy the entire family. These things can simple things like a home gym, a swimming pool, etc., or they can also be things like a Jacuzzi, steam bath sauna, outhouse, guesthouse, etc. All of these things together can make a home a great home. It does not mean that this list of amenities is an exhaustive list. It is just a sample list but may include other things as well.

Great Locality

A great home can become truly great only when it is located in one of the best localities. You cannot have a great home when it is located in a slum. There are some amazing locations around the world that can be called as great localities like an area around central park in New York, an area around Bandra in Mumbai, an area around Venice beach in California, etc. But the best luxury homes for sale are in the posh area of the Palm Jumeirah. These are manmade islands that are a feat of modern architecture as well as a win for the amazing technology that exists in the current century.

A great locality may also attract great celebrities to be your neighbours, and this just adds to the greatness of a home.

Beautiful Interiors

If you have ever been in a great home, you will see that the interiors are just superb and cannot be compared. A great home will have the best interiors that money can buy, and these interiors are designed by experts who have years and years of experience.


A great also cannot be a small home. It is usually an expansive house that can accommodate a lot of people, but only houses a few who are the owners of the home. These homes may include separate guest houses and outhouses or game houses and even houses for servants and watchmen.

Therefore, now you have just learnt what makes great homes, really great. So, what are you waiting for? Start working towards your goals and dreams, and one day you too might be able to live in a great house of your wildest dreams!

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