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July 7, 2017

The popularity of flexible mannequin among retailers and designers is touching the sky and in not looking to stumble at any case despite of many different controversies. We see mannequins almost in every retail store or shop when we are shopping or walking around in a mall or market. One thing that was criticized in mannequins very often was their size. Many researchers researched on the body size of articulated mannequins and the results were not in favor of mannequins any way. Especially female mannequins have been criticized very often by researchers and medical experts. One study in late 1990’s said that the size of flexible mannequin used in display windows in era between 1960’s to 1980’s was so low and unhealthy that if a real women of that size were she will be not able to menstruate.

Similarly many studies were also studied on male mannequins. But their conclusion was positive in favor of male mannequins. Mostly male mannequins are made healthy and muscular to give an eye catching look and feel. But some researchers also criticized on their muscular body because the muscles that they portrayed were not attainable by humans and according to researchers such unattainable body ideals were promoting body dissatisfaction among men.

Many similar controversies continue to pop up from time to time but there is no way that the popularity of mannequins has ever tumbled or is seen tumbling in the future. The reason flexible mannequin is very liked by retailers and dress designers is that very much resemble to human body and can create very artistic and realistic display scenes in the display windows. These display scenes are very likely to grab the attention of buyers who are wandering around. It is human instinct to look more attractive than other and humans now a day’s are very conscious about this as well. Whether in office, party, social gathering or with friends the lust of looking more attractive and above others is constant. This consciousness is also then seen when buying products. Buyers want to know prior to trying themselves that how a particular product can add to their look and attire. Bendable mannequin comes very handy in this situation because it can almost a very realistic or lifelike example of how a person will be looking in some particular product or attire.

This popularity among retailers has also encouraged many vendors to step in the production and business of display merchandising. And now we see many vendors selling their different varieties. Many retailers buy mannequins for different seasons therefore mannequins for sale is also a very beneficial business.

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