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Cakes and Bakeries around the world

June 15, 2017

Cakes are one of the most savored items around the world. The sweet taste and soft feeling of one bite create a smooth and paradisical effect in our taste buds. There are numerous places all over the world which make the best cakes.

The capital of our neighboring country Lahore in Pakistan is famous for the great cakes that they make. Being an abode of the best bakers in the world, bakeries in Lahore sells the best cake and bakery products which are value for money. The following article sheds some light on best cakes in Lahore. 

Apart from big cakes, the bakeries are also famous for cupcakes. They serve various delicacies such as:

  • Confetti cake
  • Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Vanilla Bean Cup Cakes
  • Rainbow chip Cup Cakes and so on.

They also specialize in cookies, almond cake, coffee and ice cream. The bakeries serve the best black forest and chocolate cakes. They also serve other savories such as tarts, baguettes, croissants, etc. The most unconventional and famous delicacies found in the bakeries of Karachi are:

  • The Cinnabon classic: It is warm dough filled with Cinnamon and topped with cream cheese.
  • The Minibon classic: It is a smaller version of Cinnabon classic, and they are similar in taste.
  • The Caramel picanbon: It has the same filling like that of its bigger version but topped with pecans and caramel.

There are also restaurants which serve sandwiches and other savory items serving one of the best New York cheesecake and almond nougat. Not only do they have the best mini lemon tarts and chocolate éclairs but they also serve an assortment of cakes and pastries and one of the best cheesecakes, chocolate fudge cake, Mississippi mud pie and so on. There are also varieties of pancakes and donuts which are not only good to taste but also pleasurable to look at visually.

The list and the type of cakes are actually never ending. They have caramel buttercream cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, meringue cake, Ferrero Rocher cake and so on. The quality and types are unmatched with that of any other country. The simple and elegant bakeries provide the best quality products from the best bakers in the world. There are different cakes in different cultures and countries as per different events and occasions. The cakes are not just sweets; they are the symbols of events and importance of relationships. In some of the cultures, the events start and end with the cake only and gradually it is spreading as a tradition to other cultures also. There are also a number of people who love cakes irrespective of size and event as well as taste.

The most famous place in Pakistan in terms of cakes and bakeries is Lahore, but apart from these, there are also other places which make great cakes. There are also a lot of cities where the cakes area easily delivered.  If you are a cake and bakery connoisseur, you must try Pakistan’s delicious cakes, and it surely won’t disappoint you!

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