Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates are always good

June 15, 2017

People have found a comfort zone in chocolates. It is really the most effective stress busters one can have. It is the only thing that makes one app when they are sad and if someone is in a very bad mood, and then it enhances them quickly.

But there are lot of speculations about chocolates being not healthy at all. It increases body weight and is also the main reason behind teeth cavity. But do you know that there are some good chocolates as well? You may wonder what good chocolates actually mean but there are some which has high cocoa content in it. Everyone knows that cocoa is the main ingredient from which chocolates are prepared. Some varieties of chocolates have more cocoa in it and some has less along with other ingredients like milk, artificial sweeteners and other things.

But if the chocolates have higher amount of good quality of cocoa powder or beans then it can be very beneficial for human health like obesity, autism and diabetes. Higher content of cocoa means the chocolate will taste bitter and it is considered to be a dark chocolate.

Here are some major benefits that one can have if they have dark chocolates.

  • This thing is very good for blood circulation and heart condition. Dark chocolates keep the heart arteries very strong and flexible and it also prevents the blood cells to go and stick to the blood vessels. This in turn can save the heart from untimely arterial clogging.
  • It also reduces the chance of getting affected by a stroke. It is said by the expert researchers that consuming dark chocolates cam reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 17 percent which is a very positive thing.
  • This particular toe of chocolates are filled with a lot of minerals like zinc and selenium and at the same time, a 100 gram bar of dark chocolates can also provide 67 percent of RDA iron.
  • Dark chocolates have higher amount of cocoa and cocoa reduces the level of bad cholesterol in a human body. It also increases the amount of good cholesterol in the human body and in turn reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  • These types of chocolates have high amount if flavonols in it. It keeps the skin condition healthy. It also protects skin from the regular sun damage and protects it from getting tanned. Have you ever heard of something called chocolate facial? Well, this is good for removing tan from the skin.
  • Yes, it is difficult to believe but chocolates do help in reducing body weights. If you have a portion of chocolate at least half an hour before meal, then it triggers the brain with the signal that your stomach is full. It will automatically cut down your amount of meal. But is has to be a portion of dark chocolate which you have to consume.

But these are all benefits provided by dark chocolates; which means chocolates which have at least 70 percent of cocoa content. If you intend to send chocolates by post to someone, send dark chocolates.


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