Everything You Need to Know About Knobs – Advantages of Knobs

January 18, 2018

Knobs are a very essential jewelry of ones’ house. Mostly people install knobs in their kitchens or living room areas. Probably if the living room area or the kitchen are beautiful, people would love to have the first meal of their day there. Living rooms are usually the place in a house where people come together and talk to each other and socialize. These areas at home where people bond must look exquisitely beautiful. When your friends and family want to spend their time with you in your living room, it is an indicator that your house looks beautiful and people are attracted to it. Knobs are an investment every household has to make at some point or the other. So one must know everything about knobs.

Knobs are aesthetically beautiful ornaments that one decorate their kitchen cabinets with. Though being the smallest hardware of ones’ kitchen, the knobs are essential for the health of the family. Still there are some people who would always want to buy pulls instead of knobs. So putting forward a list of advantages that knobs have over pulls:

Some of the unique advantages of knobs are as under:

  1. Wide variety of options – When it comes to knobs, you will come across a wide selection or choice of options available. There are a variety of shapes, finishes and styles available in door knobs. Some are modern yet some are antique. Some are black glass kitchen cabinet knobs while some are crystal knobs. Whereas in pulls, there are not many options available.
  2. Ease of installation – In case of knobs, the installation is very easy and convenient. They are attached to the cabinet using one single screw but in case of pulls, two attachments are being made. Now here, one has to be sure that they are in a straight alignment otherwise it will only end up looking ugly. You might have to call an expert to fix it in case of pulls but not in case of knobs.
  3. Ease of repair – The knobs are very easy to repair in case the screw becomes loose. It is particularly very annoying to see imbalanced knobs in the kitchen and therefore knobs are a better option as it is very easy to repair them. But when it comes to pulls, it becomes a little difficult and again help from an expert would be sought.
  4. Cost factor – Knobs will always be inexpensive as compared to pulls. You will be able to find a great variety of knobs under your budget but in case of pulls, you might have to rake your savings. But yes in case you are planning to buy a high-end Crystal knob or large black glass cabinet knobs than surely the savings in case of knobs also will go for a toss.

While there are people who have been using pulls and are fond of them, there are certain people who want to experiment with the new things available in the market. Make the best choice for your kitchen after all, it is the place where you spend time with your family.

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