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Gift ideas that would help you win over every one this festive season

August 31, 2017

Come September October, the season of festivities start across the length and breadth of our country. From Durga puja in West Bengal to Diwali and Navratri in North, Eid to Christmas at the year end. The season of festivities truly begin from End September and last till we usher in the New Year. And what better way to show your loved ones that they are special-than presenting them with thoughtful gifts . While it is customary to exchange gifts during certain festivals, at other times we tend to do it out of love and to spread cheer and goodwill.

While the main focus of gifts is upon the feelings and thoughts that accompany the same, but let’s be honest nobody likes receiving gifts that hardly serve any purpose. So, to make this year’s festivities special, here are certain gift ideas that would surely help you gain bonus points from all your loved ones. These gift ideas range from store bought to handmade and everything in between.

  • Cards: Cards with season’s greetings are the safest bet while gifting for the first time or to acquaintances. Now with greetings card available to every possible occasion, we don’t need to stick to the plain old ones. Though some might dismiss them as not imaginative enough, handmade greetings card with personalized messages are just as good as any other expensive gift available in the market.
  • Personalized gifts: At this day and age, everybody wants special treatment. Nobody wants to be treated or considered just like the next person hence personalization has entered the foray big time. The same happened with the gift market, with people leaning more and more into personalized gifts for every occasion. The easiest way to meet this demand for a personal touch in your gifts is through making the gifts yourself. Handmade items are as personal and as thoughtful as it can get.
  • Gift Vouchers: Most often than not, no two people share the same taste in any aspect of life. One man’s treasure can sadly be another’s trash. So, in order to avoid such situations, gift vouchers are quite safe options for your fist gift to a person, especially in case you do not know them well enough. It not only fits your budget to the tee but also saves a lot of time and effort otherwise required in choosing the correct gifts. It’s very easy and efficient and also useful for the person who receives it as it gives them the freedom to get for themselves anything they wish for.
  • Handmade items: Some gifts are universally liked and well received. With the internet being flooded with useful tips and tricks to make everything from scratch, gifts cannot be left out. While most people decide to make their own gifts, others who run short of both time and creativity purchase handmade items for sale available everywhere.

While buying the correct gift is essential for memorable festive occasions, however the fact remains that it’s not the object but the thought that counts.

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