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The Battle Of Helmets

December 4, 2017
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It is always a difficulty to pick one helmet out of the ocean of helmets available online. Talk about getting spoilt by choice ! So, to make it easier for you we have compared the two most frequently bought helmets here to help you pick the right one when you go for helmet for bike online shopping.

We will compare a full face helmet with an open face helmet on the following grounds :


The ultimate purpose of a helmet is to shield you from injuries during any unfortunate mishap. Helmets are believed to decrease the risk of death by 37% and increase the chance to save you from brain injuries by 69%.

A full face helmet promises much better protection when compared to an open face helmet owing to its full coverage.

However, it might be a task to remove a full face helmet after an accident which can cause more injuries to the victim. But an open face helmet is easier to take off during accidents.


It is essential that you stay comfortable while riding to have a happy, safe ride.

If the feeling of wind on your face is something that bothers you, especially, if you are in a dry, chilly climate, then, a full face helmet is your savior. They also shield you against dust and bugs.

But if you feel congested and like the feel of wind on your face then you should go for an open face helmet. You can pair your open face helmets with goggles to protect your eyes from wind, dust and bugs. They also come in really cool designs and colour to amp up your style quotient.


Before buying a helmet you must keep a budget in your mind and try to stick to it. If you are okay to splurge on a helmet, then, you can go for the full face helmets as they are generally pricier than the open face ones.


Due to the visor in front of the full face helmets and its overall design, visibility is often compromised to a certain extent. So if you come from a place with a lot of smog or mostly ride during the evening then an open face helmet is best suited for you as they provide better visibility.

Wind Noises

When it comes to matters of wind the full face helmets stand taller. They have the ability to cut down the distracting noises made by the wind while you ride. In case you to want to ride with an Open face helmet yet avoid the noisy windy from distracting you then you can buy a pair of notice cancelling ear plugs designed for riders. These technologically advanced little plugs have come a long way, some of them does not cancel the sound of sirens and horns but cancels the wind noises.

So the final verdict really depends on what your requirements and preferences are. But whatever be your choice you can head online bike helmets shopping India to get your hands on amazing products.

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