Top Frugal Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

February 9, 2017
Celebrating one’s anniversary is not only to express the love in your marriage but an occasion to nurture romance and fidelity. It is not necessary to break the bank to come up with ideas to celebrate the big day.

 Here are some frugal and fun ways to celebrate your anniversary:

•  Send flowers to spouse: Use Jaipur flower delivery shops.
•  Compose a love letter to your spouse:  Express your feelings about him or her and for some effect- sprinkle it with a generous dose of your favourite perfume.
•  Blow up enough balloons for each year of your marriage. Fill each one with some love notes. Your spouse will have great time popping the balloons and reading the notes inside.
•  Go out for breakfast: Enjoy a great breakfast in a local restaurant. Compared to dinner outside, breakfast saves money and is a novel idea.
•  Dress up and have some fun: You can enjoy a stroll out in town.
•  Spend a quietdayathome with favourite beverages and snacks. Either invite a few close friends to your home or go it alone as a couple.
•  Make an exotic dinner at home: Enhance the mood with soft music playing in the back ground and lighting up the dining area with candles.
•  Go for a dessert treat: Treat yourselves with dessert outside rather than a full-blown dinner. It is not only fun, but easy on the wallet.
•  Bake together an anniversary cake: Baking together is most romantic experience, one which will always stay in your memories. Making wedding anniversary cakes is the most fun thing.
•  Record a message: Record in your webcam or cell phone, a small speech on what you appreciate in your spouse.
•  Order take- out from a local restaurant and enjoy it in any spot like a park, enjoying the view of stars.
•  Spend the day tasting wine at a wine tasting venue.
•  Go for bike rides at a favourite location: One ideal place would be the coast line of an ocean.
•   Prepare ice cream sundaes at home: This is frugal and delicious way to treat your spouse who is a foodie.
•   Take photos of your spouse or selfies of you as a couple. Create online collages using some photo tweaking websites.
•   Eat a picnic lunch in a favourite spot like a park. Do it on the beach, atop a mountain or even in a desert.
•   Teach yourselfhow to say I Love You in many languages. Show off in front of your spouse.
•   Play together your favourite sport: If you don’t know how to, take lessons as a couple in playing the sport.
•   Draw and paint pictures of you as a couple. Even if you are not good at art, this activity is full of fun and laughter.
•   Go bowling
•   Go on a boat ride: pack some picnic lunch to boost the fun.
•   Go hiking
•   Spend lazy hours reading aloud a book to your spouse.
•   Enjoy a dream night: Share your dreams with your spouse.
•   Treasure hunt: Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt with lots of clues spread out in your home with a great gift as treasure.
•   Tour together, a local art gallery
•   Go fishing together.
•   Serve your spouse breakfast in bed.
•   Rent some movies and enjoy the movie night with some popcorn.

These are some fun and frugal ways to celebrate your anniversary.

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