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Top mistakes engagement ring shoppers make

November 30, 2017

Though your own opinion is unknown, many people aren’t fans of stifling jewellery stores. They appear to be quite imposing and even a bit overwhelming, which isn’t how most people want to feel when they are going through the purchase of something as important as their engagement ring. Still, even in extremely relaxed settings, so many available choices get you certainly overwhelmed. While all jewellers that are worth patronising will assist you with guidance through the process, missteps can certainly occur. Maybe you’re more suited to alternative engagement rings than classic designs.

Here are the most common mistakes people make and how to prevent them.

Not having an idea:

No jeweller expects you to visit his site or store with the 4Cs down perfectly. It’s his or her duty to educate you, and that’s something he should be proud of. It helps if you have a look at a collection of options either in magazines or online, just, to have an idea of the colours and sizes you love beforehand. Come with the necessary info if your partner does not know that you’re buying the ring.

Did not buy a certified diamond piece:

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is an NGO institute that researches gemstones. It is quite famous for its extremely accurate diamond grading. It features the strictest industry standards, so when you purchase a GIA-certified stone, you get the complete scoop on its colour, clarity, cut and carat from a reliable source. But do you know that diamond is no longer the preferred option for an engagement ring for many people? Some even prefer other stones to diamond so its grade seems to be of little or no importance to such people.

Did not allocate sufficient time:

Any engagement ring that is customized for a particular person normally takes between 4 and 8 weeks to manufacture. Therefore, when planning out your program or plan for proposing to your spouse, you must keep that in mind.

You exceeded your budget:

That you must go big or go home when it comes to your engagement ring has become something of the normal expectation. But that simply isn’t the case at all. Jewellers do certainly work with ring budgets of any size without ever judging any clients by their own budget. Don’t even try to ever remember the ‘three-month salary’ rule when going to the jeweller for your engagement ring. Just be truly honest with yourself when considering how much you can conveniently afford to spend at the moment. When you begin shopping, ensure that you tell your jeweller that amount of money. This is so your jeweller can find the exact thing you desire at the exact price you desire. This will certainly save your jeweller, and you, money and time which are both very precious resources.

Finally, you must work out what is most vital for you and tell it straight to your jeweller. Whether it is the rarest stone, a conflict-free diamond, the best value, a setting that is certainly unusual, and even any option from the many available alternative engagement rings, these criteria will greatly assist the professional in narrowing down the choices that are available to choose from on your behalf. This will certainly help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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