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6 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Gifts Online

August 10, 2016

Sending gifts is a great tradition to keep people connected and relationships alive due to their charming effect. It doesn’t matter how much the gift costs but it does matter from where and by whom it is sent. With the e-commerce industry flourishing, sending gifts has become much easier to any country from anywhere in the world. The gift delivery services and online gift shops are offering exquisite variety of gifts that you can easily select and send to your family and friends. 

However there are certain aspects one should consider to avoid any hassle or bad experience of sending gifts to Pakistan, US or any other country. Here are a few mistakes one should avoid while sending gifts.

1. What things you send?
Different countries have limitations on sending certain products due to cultural and legal differences. There are certain countries which have a list of items that are prohibited to be used or shipped to the country. Hence, when you are selecting gift to be sent to a country, you must ensure that it is not illegal product or it is ethically allowed to be accepted by the recipient depending on their cultural values.

2. What service you use?
Courier costs also differ from country to country and also what courier service you use. If you have bought the gift from retail shop and want to send it through an international courier, it might cost you more. Otherwise, if you choose an online gift service that not only offers you wide range of gifts but also gives cheap delivery service, it would be much convenient for you. 

Some online gift shops offer free shipping on shopping of more than a certain price, so you can consider such services that offer you free shipping. 

3. What are the Overall Charges?
Every country has duties and taxes on certain products if your parcel has those products that need to be payable by the recipient. Also there might be taxes on a particular amount exceeding the threshold so you must check with the delivery service about overall costs and ask them about any duties and taxes in the recipient country. This is especially important if you are sending products like electronics, gadgets etc.

4. Filling the Correct Recipient Information
It is essential that you must give proper details about the recipient apart from their delivery address and name. You should give complete contact information including its email, phone and delivery address. If the address is complicated, give proper guidance with relevant nearby points to make it easier for them to reach the recipient in time. Also, you should mention your own contact details well in case of any delivery problem.

5. Delivery Terms & Conditions
Before you make the purchase of gift, you must go through the terms and conditions of sending gifts to a particular country. Since every country has different policies regarding parcels, so you must ensure that it does not cause you any trouble with customs later on to send a gift to Pakistan or any other country. For example, in Pakistan there might strict policies due to security reasons, so you must consult the terms and conditions of the service to ensure safe gift delivery.

6. Track your Parcel
You must track the parcel with its tracking number which is being issued by delivery services. Sometimes people just send the gift and wait for the recipient to call and inform that they have received the gift. However, it is better that you track the parcel and be informed that it is being transported carefully. In case of any mishandling or delay, you should contact customer service immediately to help you resolve the issue.

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