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7 Best Ways To Use A Vacuum Cleaner

August 1, 2016

Vacuum cleaning is an art. Yes, a full blown art that gets both intriguing and exciting at the same time as you dig deep in, learning the tricks of the trade by using it as a magic wand. There are just so many ways thatwe can employ our vacuum cleaners in and around the house to make it tidy and shiny!For those of you in the lurch, down below I am sharing some of myall-time favourite tricks for using vacuum cleaners. Have a good read-:

1. Vacuum bed sheets before washing
If you have pets at home, a light weight cordless vacuum would suffice for just swishing over the tops of beds andgetting hold of any fur balls between cleanings. If you do not have any pets at home, well, even then this helps cut down on dust deposits on the surface of an untidy bed sheet, thereby leaving only stains for the washing to take care of!

2. Carry out dusting with a vacuum
Herein, dusting via a vacuum implies, cleaning up places where you would otherwise need a soft brush attachment such as on photo frames, books, insides of a shelf, etc. Yes! You can use a vacuum cleaner in those places too! It’swise to employ a vacuum because the dust gets stored away in a canister instead of settling back into the room. However, you may need to detail dust with a soft cloth after some time, but the responsible vacuum takes care of the everyday dust most of the times.

3. Vacuum Cleaning for Appliances
You must have come acrossthose obnoxious stray bits of food and grease sittingunder the grates of your stove, or leftover crumbs in the fridge, haven’t you?Well, instead of trying to pick up all the mini debris with a gazillion passes via a paper towel, just use your nifty crevice tool and vacuum up the stagnant mess! Do ensure that you cool down the appliance before commencing cleaning!

4. Drapes, blinds and curtains
If you want to make your room look pretty, just stop and stare at the dust your window coverings collect. In a split second, you will realize the importance of vacuuming! All you ought to do is to give those curtains, blinds, and drapes a quick swipe with the vacuum and sit back assured. A vacuum Cleaner with good suction power will ensure that you need not go through the whole washing/ironing routine again.
5. Don’t forget the Bathroom
Here’s a funfact: your bathrooms are dust magnets!How? The steam present inside the bathroom invites dust particles in the house for a joyride and sticks them onto cabinets, walls, sides of the toilet, and just won’t let them go! To get rid of the dust using a bathroom cleaner is useless since there’s so much dust that gets smeared around. So, a quick fix with a vacuum in tandem with a soft brush attachment makes wiping down everything in the bathroom a swift and easy process!

6. And dirty floors…
When it comes to dirty floors, vacuuming on a whim is what does the trick. You don’t have to bend down orswoop your arms in any direction because this handy machine picks every single bit of weird food debris in a single pass. No matter if it’s a carpet or a hard concrete floor, vacuuming does make a huge difference in keeping them clean!

7. Clean those windows too!
If you like to keep your room’s windows open most of the times, allergens can get in and accumulate on the trim around them. Therefore, piously vacuuming every once in a while around the trim of windows and doors can eliminate allergens in your room and keep it looking great too!

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