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Explore the Calm Realm of Aligarh: Major Attractions

September 8, 2016
Aligarh was known as Koli in the olden times. It was established by the Dor Rajputs in 372 A.D. The city went under the rule of different tribes and realms including the Mughals who renamed it to Aligarh and the French who fabricated the Aligarh fortification. A journey through Aligarh is like trotting through an art gallery with quaint gems and masterpieces of the historic times. For history lovers, Aligarh is perfect to delve deep into something which is religious, historic, and at the same time has an intriguing ring to it. It’s time to explore the hidden gems of the city.

To reach Aligarh, the best part is that the city has a train named after it, the Aligarh Express (54351). So not only can you book tickets with ease, but also can track the 54351 running statusof the train from anywhere, anytime, for a planned and organized trip. Here are some of the most interesting and famous sites in this city that you must know of.

Khereshwar Temple

Khereshwar Temple is one of the holiest temples of the locale, situated in Tajpur Rasulpur town. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is famous for its amazing architecture, along with engraved ceilings of metallic wall painting wrap up. Aside from reverence of Lord Shiva as ‘Shivalingam’, the place of worship components a few Brass idols of Hindu divinities. Located at a short distance of 5 kilometers km from the centre of the city, the Khereshwar Temple can be reached by different methods of transportation.

Aligarh Fort

The Aligarh Fort was initially built during the fourteenth century. The fort, likewise went under the tenet of the Marathas who were later helped by the French, but were in the long run vanquished by the British. Strangely, amid the rebellion of 1857, the warriors positioned at the post, revolted, yet didn’t kill the officers. The fortification is one of the most grounded in India and is encompassed by a profound channel. This namesake fortification holds great importance in the history as well as the present of Aligarh.

Aligarh Muslim University

Built by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1875-78, the Aligarh Muslim University is one of the best Anglo-Muslim instructive centres in India. The college is funded and run by the central administration of India, and stands out for its sublime and quaint designing. The university is spread across 1,155 acres of land and is a famous spot to visit for general vacationers. Many renowned personalities of our country once were a part of this very prestigious university.


Nagliya or Pala Sallu, is a little village of Aligarh District, and is prestigious for it’s Black Deer Conservation Reserve. Apart from the black deer, this very place is also a safe house for a few wild animal species. The village is situated along the Grand Trunk Road at a distance of 15 kilometres from Aligarh city, which is very much approachable by transport mediums.

Dor Fortress

Dor Fortress, one of the real tourist attractions, is situated on a little hillock in the Upper Kot of the city centre. The fort is named after the King Buddhasen Dor, who established framework of the affirmation. During that time, King Dor’s court procedures were held at this very site. A tall minaret was built inside this fort complex by a Rajput ruler, Mangalsen for his little widowed daughter who used to view Holy River Ganga from it’s top galleries. The minaret was obliterated because of a few reasons by British Governor Admaston in the year 1861-1862.

Now that you know about the major highlights of your Aligarh trip, better get an IRCTC train reservationfor Aligarh, and set off to this historic journey through the streets and forts of this city.

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