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Honeymoon Idea on Royal Maharajas Express Train

September 20, 2016

Marriage pronounces the holy union of two people who are going to be together through thick and thin forever and after. This relationship is undoubtedly going to be the most impactful and prominent part of their life. So why not give a beautiful start to it by wrapping it in pure luxury?

Now, you would be thinking about a dreamy honeymoon destination, nice flying experience to reach your destination, a fancy and upscale hotel for your stay and other similar things. But let us tell you that there is an even better option- Honeymoon aboard Maharajas Express. As name of the train suggests, the train (Maharajas Express) gives a regal experience to the ones on board. Everything starting from the suite, cuisine, service looks as if luxury has been personified at its best!

Maharajas Express Train will be an apt experience for the people who are looking for something different and who are ready to binge on. You will be given a grand welcome following which you will get complete feel of opulence throughout the journey. You get a fairly good variety of options to choose from to spend your leisure time. Lounging, observing the beauty of landscape passing by, enjoying the cocktails in bar area, quiet reading time, souvenir shopping, gourmet savouring are some of the activities that you can engage yourself in while you are travelling. You can also request for a five star hotel stay (including a romantic massage session, pool side easing) at the time of booking the train journey and make any other adjustments to your tour itinerary if you require to do so.

To give you a glimpse of the Maharajas express, here are the features of the splendid experience it offers:
• Spacious and tastefully done suites offering unmatched comfort, designed keeping in mind your privacy as first priority
• Two cars of the train dedicated to fine dining- Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal. These two cuisine cars are capacitated to accommodate all the passengers at one point of time comfortably, if need be. Cuisines offered are just outstanding and extremely delicious
• One car dedicated to luxurious bar indulgence- Safari Bar. Spirits uplifting cocktails on offer.
• Dedicated lounge area called Rajah Club with its own bar for sheer indulgence.
• Unquestionably the highlight feature i.e. Presidential Suite offering even better experience with add on luxury services.
• Provision of personal butler and hospitality to delight you, every carriage having a personal valet.

This is what a honeymoon tour aboard Maharaja Express aims to offer as it takes aboard beaming newly-weds onto a tour that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives.

The add-on services for suites and Presidential Suites deserve a special mention:
• Chauffer driven luxury car with a guide
• Sitting area that has enough space to spend your time at princely leisure
• A mini bar in the vicinity of the carriage
• Attached bath with bath tubs
There are five pre-made tour packages to choose from:
• Heritage of India (7 nights/ 8 days)
• Gems of India (3 nights/ 4 days)
• Indian Panorama (7 nights/ 8 days)
• Treasures of India (3 nights/ 4 days)
• Indian splendour (7 nights/ 8 days)

Tailoring the experience according to individual needs, preferences and schedules is a striking feature of Maharajas Express journeys. Request for options and suggestions while booking the train and promise of an unforgettable experience will be well kept as you will cherish each and every moment spent during the journey and will set honeymoon goals for others to accomplish!

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