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Top 5 Things To Do In Coimbatore That Will Make You Reconsider Visiting It!

August 17, 2016

There are numerous spots in India you can relate to as a fun and energizing spot to visit, rest guarantee Coimbatore will never be a part of that rundown. However, is the city truly that dull? How about we discover what you can accomplish for no particular reason in the city. 

Coimbatore is one place you or anyone will definitely not consider a fun place, or a place everyone will jump with excitement at the thought of it as a holiday destination, however, relying upon your meaning of fun, the spot has some really decent encounters up its sleeves to offer to its guests. To visit the city, you can easily catch the delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore to Coimbatore flights which operates on a regular basis. If you are still skeptical on a trip to the city, here are some things you can do in the city, which will definitely help you reconsider. 

A walk around Race Course 
The ideal approaches to begin your morning off in Coimbatore is to talk a long walk around the beautiful Race Course. Far from the busy scenes of the city, this place is quiet and serene, especially during the early mornings. The walkways are set apart by green trees on both sides and after you are finished with your walk or workout, you can make a beeline for a bistro adjacent and sip on a cup of steaming coffee and a nice breakfast. 

A visit to the Valankulam Lake 
For an excellent perspective of the sunset, head on over to the Valankulam Lake. From delightful vivid birds flying over your head to the perspective of the brilliant beams of the daylight hitting the lake creating an orange shading, you will definitely be enticed to whip out your DSLR and capture the still moment. 

A drive to Marudhamalai 
This is for people who like to experience the night with friends and family with a touch of endowments wrapped in it. This temple has a stretch of road which gives you a brilliant of the natural view. Besides, the stairs to the top can similarly be mind blowing fun endeavoring to derision associates gasping for broadness. 

Do some speed racing! 
For the motorsport fans and the general population for whom speed is a thrill, they will realize that Coimbatore is the main residence of India’s first Formula One racer, Narain Karthikeyan. Motorsport racing has gigantic influence in Coimbatore tourism as it draws in a good number of motorsport fans. There are numerous race tracks in the city where you can go for some go-karting laps or partake in an auto race. 

Visit Shree Annapoorna hotel
A little lodging in Coimbatore, this spot serves the best south Indian dishes in the city. This is one spot you should visit to taste some genuine kinds of South India. The most well known are the cushioned white idlis and ground coffee for breakfast. South Indians believe Coffee and “Kaapi” are two different things. It is the same thing, but do not try to get into an argument with them trying to make your point. Numerous have tried and there is no need to make your experience unpleasant by knowingly walking straight into trouble. 

So, there you have it, the top exciting things to do in Coimbatore. If this does not make you want to visit the place, nothing will!

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