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What Makes Chennai a Great Tourist Magnet?

June 22, 2016

The “Detroit of India”, Chennai is the throbbing nerve of the Indian cultural scenario. From a rich cultural past, carried down in a palanquin of conventional customs and traditions, Chennai is one place in the Indian sub-continent where one can easily chomp off an enchanting delicacy constituting of ancient temples, the great Indian festivals, historical landmarks, and wash it down with a spellbinding cocktail of beaches, and modern intricacies. Well, this isn’t enough to prove that this city is a great place to visit again and again. So, we give you solid reasons! 

With 45 Bangalore to Chennai flights, plying to and fro on a daily basis, one can get a rough idea about the host of attractions and reasons that make Chennai such a delight to visit. So if you are one true Indian heritage lover, then take a look at the following reasons that make this city a must-add in your travel bucket list. 

Potpourri of Cultures

This city has seen the rule of the various iconic dynasties, with the likes of Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas, Nayaks and the Vijaynagar Kings. The Bahmini Sultans under Khilji Dynasty laid attack to the city, the Nawab of Arcot influenced the city for some time, Hyder Ali attacked the town and Aurangzeb’s general assaulted it– all over various courses of time. Moreover, its shores have been host to the British, Dutch, French, and Portuguese, the influence of which can be seen in the various parts of the city, respectively. Isn’t it a potpourri of cultures? With so many dynasties and countries calling Chennai their former home, the city is truly a melange of cultures from almost all over the world which is worth observing when here.

2. The Chennai-wasi

Chennaites are known to be very welcoming and helpful people who take all the pains to make a guest feel as comfortable as possible. Apart from the obvious Tamil population, you can also find Jains, Punjabis, Gujaratis and Sindhis happily calling Chennai their home. So d not be taken aback if you find a Surd conversing flawlessly in Tamil! Yes, it is very much a possibility in Chennai. So be sure of thing that, apart from Idlis and Dosas, you can also get authentic Punjabi Parathas as well as the yummy Gujarati Dhoklas in Chennai easily. Three cheers for this, please?

3. Filter Coffee, Like No Other

We know very well that Coffee is an inevitable part of south India, but Filter Coffee is something that sets any coffee lover’s heartbeat racing. A must-try, when you visit Chennai. Also, one must not forget trying the Degree Coffee, another variety of the unique coffee variations of Chennai, which originates from a little place outside Chennai known as Kumbakonam. This hot beverage is accessible all over Chennai in franchisees, which mix the coffee immaculately to utmost perfection. The solid blend added to the foamy cow’s milk, is a pleasure for anyone who swears by the “C-Word”. We mean Coffee here!

4. The ECR 

The East Coast Road or ECR is a well known tourist destination in Chennai, brimming with numerous resorts, water sports facilities and is the most sought after weekend getaway for locals. Amazing long drives and stays amid the grand sceneries of the ECR are extremely satisfying and reviving. This entire stretch has wide water sport choices, which incorporate boating, motor boats, water surfing, backwaters, et al, to suit the tastes of the visitors here.

5. The Marina Bliss

Spread over a stretch of 13 kilometers, Marina is the longest urban beach in India and the second longest on the planet! Go there for a morning run or a night walk, and entice your senses more with an old fashioned, yet yummy corn peppered with bean stew powder and lime, bhajji and broiled fish. What could be more reviving than these?

The city is definitely a warehouse of stories, eccentricities and all things blissful. Now we know why the foreign buddies head straight for this Tamil brother of India, first, when they visit the country. Truly a tourist magnet! 

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