How to Make Your Regular Golf Super-Fun?

August 1, 2016

Since the time, North Americans got a taste of the adventurous game of golf and the first golf club got established in 1873, there have been no stopping to the booming culture of golf players in the US and even cities like Broward County aren’t spared from the charm of this game of riches. 

The best thing about the extravagant golf courses in Broward County is that you can always make your game more interesting with these shortlisted games. Whether you play them solo or ask your friends to join-in for some extra fun, you’ll definitely love experimenting to add some flavor to your regular game:

Go for the ‘Worst Ball’, if you’re getting bored with the regular game. Play two balls and go ahead to count the ball with the higher score in each hole. It would be good to find out if you play to your level of handicap.

‘Skins’ is the other famous form of playing golf and you can play this game with one of your friends. In this game, each hole will be worth one ‘skin’ and whoever will win the hole among you two, will get the ‘skin’.  In case, no-one wins the hole, the ‘skin’ will be carried over and the next hole will be worth of 2 skins.

‘Split Sixes’ is yet another interesting game to be played by a team of 3 players, on the golf courses in Broward County. You’ll get six points up for grabs at each hole and if someone is able to win it outright, he/she will receive 4 points. The second best scorer will get 2 points and the third will get zero points. You can also discuss this game in-detail with the golf caches and can get their guidance to have better hold of the game.

As the name suggests, ‘Foursomes’ is about four people playing this game. Two players will form a team and will get to hit alternate shots at each hole until they hole out. You can try another variation of this game, known as ‘American Foursome’ where both of the players will drive and then play their partners shots before deciding which ball to play.

So, now when you’re aware of all these games that can make your regular game of golf day super-exciting, what are you waiting for! Rise ahead and find the best golf course in broward County and leave the boredom behind with the adventure of golf!

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