Top Boxing gloves for Men in 2017

July 6, 2017

Boxing is a way to get rid of lethargic lifestyle and make yourself prone to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. Men want to enjoy a rewarding workout experience by lifting weights and running at home and in gyms that should consider boxing. Boxing gloves are the basic need of human being that makes boxing a good workout routine and professional sport. Whether you are a neophyte looking to get ripped or an experienced boxer with loads of experience gloves is a highly desirable appendage. Your hands are an important scrap of boxing and are at high level of danger for abrasion.

Types of Gloves:

It is always important to understand what types of boxing gloves are available and what makes them unique and different. The grasp will let you choose a pair that works with your hands and needs. With the right gloves, you can take full benefit of boxing bag to improve your aptitude, forbearance, and ability to move quickly and easily.

Bag Gloves:



They are built from bag and pad work however they are usually pretty multifaceted and convenient in any type of training. Their main purpose is to protect your knuckles while hitting the bags hard. It doesn’t matter if you are a layman boxer or seasoned professional bag gloves are obligatory for getting the best workout in and protecting your hands. It’s always best to use bag gloves so you can work your combinations with more speed and precision.

Sparring Gloves:



In Sparring, the aim of boxing gloves is to protect both you and your partner, not to knock them out. They are similar to training gloves however the padding is slightly softer or more cushioned with better-optimized distribution to make impacts less sharp. It is also heavier and good conditioning tool to increase endurance and stamina, especially in the shoulders. Personally, I feel beginners should use bigger gloves to be on the safe side and then work their way down towards weight if they can handle it.

Training Gloves:

Almost every boxer has a pair of training gloves and these are too made for all training purposes. Some of them are not soft enough for sparring or thick enough for heavy bag hitting.

Pro Gloves:


As the name suggests these are boxing gloves that are specifically built for use in professional competition and often oblation hand protection and sometimes comfort to maximize transgression. These gloves are designed to deliver as sharp a blow with each possible punch. True professional boxing gloves are not cheap in the minimal and many boxers pay hundreds for a good pair.

Muay Thai Gloves:


As Muay Thai boxing is going global so its boxing gloves are also getting more popular and have improved in quality. These gloves are lined up more at kickboxers who need a more versatile boxing gloves. Some boxers simply favor the shape of Muay gloves while some don’t at all so it’s important to bear in mind the subtle distinctions which make them more suitable for kickboxing and Muay Thai.



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