Where To Buy The Best Punch Bags in The UK?

July 11, 2016

TurnerMAX has been given the license to make outstanding punch bags as declared by many of its loyal customers. Turner MAX as a brand is most definitely included in the list that is manufacturing the best punch bags in UK. Punch bag is the most important thing while practicing for boxing, kick boxing, karate, martial arts or MMA. Best punch bags in the UK have a long list of names in which Turner Sports UK is making its mark and trending upwards which is a remarkable effort.
Choosing the right punching bag:
The right punching bag will make you a fighter that clinches victory every time he or she enters the ring. Having the right bag will aid you to practice your punches, footwork, and timing, eventually buildingyour stamina and increasing your endurance level. Foot movement and to be able to keep your hands up during the fight with quick reflexes are basically what you learn from practicing hard on the bags. It is critical to know which style of bag is most suited for your boxing needs because a bad bag will affect your skills and slow you down also as well as deceive you in a way a trainer or a partner won’t. So just be careful when you are hitting the punching bag. 

Best available punch bags are being sold at Turner Sports UK. The best punch bags in UK for boxing are a means to stay fit and healthy and in turn learn the art of boxing. A punching bag is an excellent addition to your home gym equipment as it provides an alternative way of exercise compared to cross-trainers or treadmills.

There are different types of punch bags. Let us have a look at the different breeds of punching bags:
Boxing Punching bags allow you to polish up different aspects of your boxing skills such as punching power, hooks, straight punches, jabs and uppercuts. First of all the brand is important that you want to buy. The kids that are starting out and want to learn boxing or kick boxing should choose the right brand. TurnerMAX boxing bags have a tendency to last longer and stay stronger with very less wear and tear.
Type of the Bags:
There are two types of bags:hanging punching bags and free standing punching bags. If you don’t have enough space then you should go for free standing punching bag. It is a bit expensive but it is a very useful tool to keep fit or for practicing boxers. The outer material of the bags is composed of three different materials – leather, synthetic leather and heavy duty vinyl are the finest options. The materials by which these bags are filled should be of superior quality because if the material is thin, it is probable that after heavy bag work it will sink down the bottom of the bag leaving the top part empty and flaccid, while the bottom part becomes rock solid which can be harmful for your hands and wrists. All the areas of the bag should remain equally padded and no area should be harder or softer than the other.
Heavy bag: The general rule is that the weight of the bag should be half your body weight. This rule can be broken if you’re a tiny person and need a heavy bag for more steadiness. And if you weigh more, it is wiser to choose a heavier bag. The most common type of punch bag is the heavy bag that is hung from the wall by the use of a wall bracket or a hook. They can be hung indoors as well as outdoors depending on the place where the person is residing. The outdoor punch bags are hung mostly in the garage or wherever suitable. These bags have the perfect balance on account of their shape and swaying movement. They are hung by the use of chains (called a swivel chain).
They are cylindrical in shape and have a wide radius and intended to take a pounding. As soon as you hit the bag, be sure to follow the bag instead of waiting for it to come back to you and keep encircling it while throwing punches at it.
Angle Heavy Bag:TurnerMAX angled bags are the best in the business and have progressively become the best punch bags in the UK. They are constructed in a very beautiful fashion. The upper half is greater in diameter and as you go down the bag, the radius decreases which gives this bag an angular shape.
The main purpose of these bags is to practice for uppercuts. Even hooks can also be performed on these bags.
Then there are uppercut heavy bags, maize bags, speed bags, double-ended bags and free standing punching bag.
Free standing punching bag:
If you have limited space and you want an indoor punching bag, it is better to buy yourself a free standing punching bag. It has heavy base that can be filled with water or sand with an attached perpendicular pole and the bag draped around it. It is best for practicing inside homes and you can move it around and keep it where it is safe and secure. It doesn’t give you the exact feel as the hanging bags give you. The free standing punching bags are a bit expensive than the regular bags.
TurnerMAX offers these bags at a much affordable price than some of the other brands out there. The quality is also top class and nothing can match these bags undoubtedly the best punch bags in UK. Always go for the bag that best describes your personality as it is the person inside you who needs to become a champion and Turner Sports UK wants to feed your inner champion to the point at which you can push your limits.

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