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4 Tips for Best Website Development

February 26, 2018

Website development in Melbourne is a huge topic to talk about. We can talk about the latest trends, things to avoid, or so many other areas of discussion. However, the fundamentals are always good to review as well. The set of best practices for website development is extensive and wide-ranging. However, there are four critical points that most developers seem to always miss.

Understanding & Preparing

From experience, website development tends to start with great enthusiasm: developers jumping straight into coding with little or no understanding of the client’s business. This is a really poor way to start a project and can lead to some significant duplication of efforts. Whether you want to keep rewriting code or not is up to you, but this task ends up multiplying and exponentially expanding the amount of time spent on the website, which is absolutely something you want to avoid. Talk to the client, understand the brief and work with designers to understand their mindset about the website. All of this together can push the development process in the right direction.

User Experience First

Developers often want to pursue the most challenging or complex coding possible. I mean sure, the back end of a website can look absolutely stunning. But if this has a negative impact on the way users engage with the page, this has to be adjusted. In this day and age, user experience is the first, second and third priority of every single element of the website, development included. Working to ensure that their experience is optimised (speed fixes, quality elemental design and easy to understand navigation) is the only way to go.

Accept Good, Not Great

Development can often be a game of inches, with the smallest piece of code breaking down an entire website. Developers themselves can be a finicky bunch of people, all aiming to deliver the next great website or innovation. But this steadfast approach to development is not functional long-term. Ultimately, there will always be something that comes up to stop a certain feature from launching. It’s no one’s fault, and something that can be remedied with hard work, but that hard work is not for a pre-launch period. Accept good and know that there’s another opportunity post-launch to get everything just right.

Look to the Future (But Keep an Eye on the Now)

All websites will become obsolete. They aren’t like cars where the classics are the classics; the technology has moved far too quickly to appreciate a dated and out-styled website. Developers know this and constantly look to put a website on the cutting edge in terms of coding and design. But it’s important not to look so far ahead as to make speculative bets on what might be popular in the future or to out-develop a website to the point of horrible usability. Ensuring you maintain best design practices of the day, along with specific improvements, is the best way to proceed.

Website Development for Your Business

Finding the right developer for your website is crucial to get exactly what you want. With so many firms offering website development in Melbourne, be sure to ask around and talk to as many people as you can about what they can offer your business.

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