Battle between TV and Online Video Streaming – Find out who Wins

January 2, 2018

When it comes to entertainment, videos are something that can never be outnumbered. Be it, a sports match, a TV Show, or a movie, videos seem to be the only option left with us. So, videos are quite popular and the only option for us to get relief from the daily stress and have a quick dose of entertainment. That’s why televisions, theatres and online video streaming sites like CouchTuner have become some of the most popular destination for us.

I have noticed that people are currently divided into two parts. Some prefer their television to watch their favorite videos in form of movies, TV Shows, sports and much more. On the flipside, there’re some people who consider TV to be boring enough and opt for the online video streaming sites as the internet is at its peak.

So, I am going to compare these two media platforms to give you a clear idea how the fight is going on.

Online Video Streaming

First, let me explain what online video streaming actually is. Have you heard about YouTube? YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and much more are there that can be called an online video streaming site where you can watch your favorite videos without advertisement anytime. If you have a stable internet connection, you’re free to have the experience of online video streaming.

As a newborn even knows about TV, I’m skipping that part. So, let’s jump to the topic.

Advantages of Online Video Streaming over TV

No Particular Schedule

When it’s about the timing, it can go wrong with the TV broadcast. You may have some work and there is a specific schedule for your show to be broadcasted on Television. If you are not able to manage your time with that. You’ll miss it. On the flipside, Online video streaming sites have no timing issues. You can visit the site anytime and watch it.

Advertisement Free

When you sit down to watch TV for any movie or TV Show, you have to be annoyed with their irritating advertisements. You sometimes think of leaving the channel and get up. But you cannot because your favorite program would be missed. When video streaming is concerned, you can watch advertisement-free videos where hardly two 30-seconds ads will occur.

Binge Watching

If you’re a binge watcher, then definitely, video streaming site is for you. You cannot see an old show repeatedly on TV as per your choice. Whereas online video streaming sites give you the permission to watch any video anytime multiple times.

Advantages of TV over Online Video Streaming Sites


The Internet is the main priority with video streaming. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, forget about watching any video. Whereas TV doesn’t depend on the internet. It gives you a buffer-free video performance.

Video Quality

Video Quality also makes a huge difference between TV and video streaming sites. Yes, you’ll find the 1080p videos on the sites but you need a good internet connection to play those. Otherwise, you have to be satisfied with the low-quality unclear videos. On the other hand, TV gives you a crystal-clear picture quality with awesome sound and a big monitor.

So, the above was the comparison between TV and online video streaming sites when it comes to watching videos. You’ve seen sometimes TV is winning and sometimes not! So, it’s up to you what you choose. Moreover, I think video streaming sites have a little more benefit. You can find the best names in online video streaming site industry on Layerpoint. So, happy streaming!

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