Career paths in the field of Data Science

July 6, 2017

While data scientist jobs are somewhat on an upswing, there is ample of confusion that marks the field as well. This holds out to be the case, especially for the freshman, or should we say students just graduating from colleges who want a head start in this field. So this post will center around clearing some of that murk and specifying options that one could pursue.

Data Management Professional

Just like a data administrator, this role centers around a core I.T profile. Major responsibilities include taking care and maintaining the infrastructure wherein the data is stored. To be upfront and clear on one point, there is near to none usage of the data analysis. Further, the employer wouldn’t demand of you, even if you don’t know the languages of R and Python. However, speaking of the same, Hive or Pig might come in handy along with the applications of SQL.

Data Engineer

While the alternatives might be few but they are quite rewarding, when it comes to the topic of data scientist jobs in the market. a data engineer is one such path. The data infrastructure that a DMP takes care of is basically designed by a data engineer. The role requires the professionals to be adept in the NoSQL, Hadoop and the likes. The significance this role is essentially high. Consider it this way, if the DMP is the mechanic of the, then the data engineer is the automotive engineer.

Business Analyst

This role concentrates on analysis and presentation of data. Remember the concepts that you would see being talked about over the internet pertaining to business intelligence? This is exactly what the role is all about. It requires the employees to have a stronghold on reporting, databases as well the big data frameworks. The data which maintained by the people working in the above two designations is extracted by a business analyst and worked upon thereafter. Data warehousing is a chief requirement of this profile.

Machine learning Researcher/Practitioner  

Alright, so now comes the core mathematicians who, the employers want to have a mastery in statistics and algebra and calculus. Companies want a typical researcher to be at least intermediate level for the practitioners and advanced for researchers. Speaking of the programming skills, Python, C++ in addition to other general purpose languages make it to the job pre-requisites. Most importantly, you’ve got to love working on algorithms, that too in depth.

The data scientist jobs mentioned above are the ones which are most sought after but rest assured, in time to come, we will see further segmentation in this field.


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  1. There is a need of more such informative articles on Data Science, especially when the demand for the Data analysis is increasing it is always beneficial to inform the enthusiast about the future prospect of this field.

  2. Quite a interesting piece of information shared! Had no idea that Career path in the field of Data Science is so bright.

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